Electronics Giant Samsung Integrates TRON To Its Blockchain Keystore Wallet

Electronics Giant Samsung Integrates TRON To Its Blockchain Keystore Wallet

TRON has recently been in the spotlight, but unlike in the past few months when Tron Founder Justin Sun was laden with controversies, this time it’s for good reasons. According to recent reports, Tron has been added to Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore wallet. This will definitely fuel mass TRX adoption as it will be available to millions of Samsung users.

This news comes as the project continues to enjoy a series of positive news that has been coming Tron’s way. First, the Justin Sun projected was recently ranked the second in China’s CCID rankings. This China CCID report coincides with the successful update of Tron’s Odyssey protocol, which is a step further towards full decentralization.

Samsung Adds Support For TRON

Blockchain technology has become a familiar tune for companies (and countries) looking to make a mark. Previously, this held true for several industries but is now spilling over to the smartphone industry. It began with HTC, and Samsung and is continuing to blossom with Samsung adding support for top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. Per recent reports, Samsung has increased its crypto support, integrating Tron into its Blockchain Keystore.

According to Scott WINk who posted a photo of the suspected Galaxy S11 on twitter, the Blockchain Keystore feature lists the cryptocurrencies supported: bitcoin, ethereum, Klaytn, and Tron. Although it’s not yet clear how deeply TRON will be integrated into Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore, what might be clear is that Samsung’s developer kit (SDK) will be able to develop apps and run them on the Tron blockchain. Subsequently, users will be able to access the blockchain from their Samsung phones.

The rumors about Tron collaborating with the South Korean tech behemoth first began circulating after Justin teased the community last week, saying that a partnership with a 100 billion dollar company was inbound but the official announcement will be made this week. Interestingly enough, Justin Sun will be a guest speaker at the Samsung developer conference to be held at the San Jose Convention Center this week, from Oct 29 to Oct 30. 


TRX has been on a roll- posting impressive gains since the China FOMO hit the crypto market. TRX has even supplanted XLM to get back to the top ten. Apart from the stellar price action, TRON has experienced new developments spurring a new wave of enthusiasm among TRX investors.

TRON Ranked Second In China’s CCID Rankings, Bitcoin #11

China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID), which operates directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released its 14th blockchain rankings. Tron took the second place in these rankings, leapfrogging both bitcoin and ethereum. EOS has noticeably maintained the front rank since 2018. 

Some are speculating that this high ranking of Tron is as a result of the speech made last week by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping. Moreover, Tron is one of China’s largest cryptocurrencies by market cap and therefore it stands to gain the most from China’s serious dive into blockchain and digital assets.

CCID ranked ethereum third and bitcoin eleventh, placing other digital assets like XLM and NEO ahead of the flagship cryptocurrency. 

TRON’s Odyssey Protocol Upgraded “Smoothly”

According to an official announcement published on October 28, Tron Odyssey v3.6.5 upgraded smoothly. The Tron team released the upgrade on October 8 and it has been running without any glitches after its deployment. The upgrade’s primary aim is to achieve full decentralization. Also, the protocol upgrade will ensure that voters’ rewards are secure via the supervision of the Tron network.

In another vein, Tron has demonstrated that it is one of the fastest-growing blockchains. The Tron network offers fast speeds and a growing number of DApps. Currently, there are at least 611 DApps, with 7 being added recently. Additionally, the amount of TRC-20 issued on the Tron blockchain has crossed the 800 million mark.

TRX is trading at $0.020658 at press time. Although the digital asset is currently down by 2.02% on the day, it has posted 31.7% gains over the past seven days, making it the best performing cryptocurrency in the top ten.