Crypto Tourism on the Rise as Crypto Market Booms

Crypto Tourism on the Rise as Crypto Market Booms

The crypto market hasn’t been in an ideal situation at the moment for investors, with price volatility and hacks dangling around its face, but it isn’t all bad news as elsewhere, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is taking the minds of troubled investors’ off the bad news to exciting ones which is also attractive to the public.
Crypto tourism is coming up strong as the new craze among crypto fanatics and enthusiast who made a fortune off the recent boom in the crypto market and are now enjoying their gains.
Blockchain Cruises put together by the tourism arm of Edinburgh together with CoinsBank, a Scotland-based crypto wallet provider CoinsBank, has become very popular.
The company has had two previous success with this initiative, where crypto millionaires hard a lavish party on the sea, and now quite a number of tourism companies all over the world have decided to hop on the ride to make the most of it.
A third trip is however expected to happen in September, with a cruise across the Mediterranean and in the beautiful valleys of Swiss Alps already been sold out, despite over a half of the tickets going in for $1,000 to $3,000.
Almost 2,500 crypto enthusiast are expected to partake in this trip which is a five-day thing, with sails from Barcelona to Monaco to Ibiza and then back to Barcelona.
Aside from the crazy fun and activities on these trips, there is the addition of exhibition, conferences and panel talks on cryptocurrency related issues, bringing up ideas to improve the crypto market and how to maintain the wealth obtained from cryptocurrency.
The trip also features notable and big names in the crypto world and blockchain domain, such as Crypto promoter John McAfee, Bobby Lee, the founder of BTCC exchange and Roger Ver, a die-hard bitcoin cash supporter.
There wouldn’t be any well-planned event than what is already going on as the crypto market needs a little refreshment, coupled with new ideas and innovations to drive cryptocurrencies to where they are supposed to be. However, they’ve already been some complaints about crypto tours.
Some players have stated that crypto tours, aside what it appears to be and mean, is a disguised as a promotional medium to which dreary ICOs and other flimsy offerings are presented to green participants.
Although the criticisms of crypto tourism cannot be ignored, as they may contain some iota of truth, the brighter side, however, seems great and exactly what the crypto market needs to thrive.