Latin American NGOs Launch a Bitcoin Awareness Tour ‘Bitcoineta’

Latin American NGOs Launch a Bitcoin Awareness Tour ‘Bitcoineta’

Even though the advent of bitcoin is yet to be greeted warmly by some parts of the planet, a union of Non-Governmental Organizations in Latin America is taking the bitcoin ‘good news’ to its remote cities.
Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin Americana will through a new campaign named “Bitcoineta” to promote Bitcoin awareness and adoption throughout Latin America.
The two organizations have kick-started a minivan tour, that will see a Bitcoin branded van travel through many villages and city in Argentina before moving on to the rest of Latin America.
This initiative will take bitcoin to the grassroots and hopefully to individuals and businesses that will profit from larger cryptocurrency adoption.
Speaking at the launch of the Bitcoineta campaign, Gabriel Kurman who played a major part expressed profound delight and highlighted the goal of Bitcoin.

“It’s a dream to carry bitcoin and blockchain know-how to Latin America to these individuals who should not have entry to information.
The [goal] of ​​Bitcoineta is to succeed in each small city and metropolis in Argentina, after which the remainder of America, educating individuals how they’ll profit from this know-how,” Kurman commented.

The Bitcoineta minivan tour campaign began in Chascomús, a small metropolis positioned 123 km (roughly 76.4 miles) south of Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires.
After touring Chascomús, it is then scheduled to go to Las Toninas, Tandil, Necochea, Tres Arrollos, Villa Ventana, Bahía Blanca, Pergamino, Junín, Chacabuco and Chivilcoy in Buenos Aires, and the many locations within the provinces of La Pampa, Santa Fe, and Córdoba.
Future Bitcoineta campaigns are also planned for areas which were not covered during its first tour.

Bitcoin in Latin America

Even though Bitcoin has been around for close to a decade, it is yet to come to the mainstream in Latin America.
In fact, only a relative number of people in Argentina owns crypto tokens despite the growing number of blockchain startups in the country.
The Bitcoineta campaign will thus, be lauded for sowing bitcoin seeds and could go on to become a major channel for introducing bitcoin to even the most primitive areas in Latin America.
Very soon in Latin America, Bitcoin will no longer be a complicated concept that is accessible to only geeks or crypto experts.
Will the region go on the become a major contributor to the ever-growing crypto industry?