Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Others Can Now Be Carried Out Offline

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Others Can Now Be Carried Out Offline

One of the significant reasons cryptocurrencies haven’t gained that global exposure can be linked to its ability to function independently without using the internet. That’s about to change as Cryptofuse introduces the first offline blockchain that will enable transactions offline and offline.
In a statement released by Cryptofuse,

“In today’s world, the only way to move cryptocurrency and data on the blockchain is when a user is online. Securely and efficiently transfer cryptocurrency, supply line data, and smart contracts OFFLINE as a part on an ONLINE connected public ledger with CryptoFuse’s triple patent pending protocol & hardware solutions,” they said.

Because of unreliable or the unavailability of internet service in some parts of the world, some users have either not heard or can’t make use of cryptocurrencies even if they wanted to.
This is where fiat currencies gain the upper hand than virtual currencies as it can be transacted both online and offline. So, what if cryptocurrencies also could be transacted the same way?
The Cryptofuse concept to making cryptocurrency transactions seems spectacular. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, they have made it possible for micro-payments to be made online/offline without duplication on the blockchain.
Using mesh technology which was originally developed for the military, this allows nodes to communicate with each other.
With the product released by the company; the ShortFuse, QuickFuse, and CryptoFuse, users and able to send and receive cryptocurrencies and also do some things with or without the internet.
With these technologies in place, cryptocurrencies are expected to reach a more substantial number of people. And with the growth of users using cryptocurrencies, demand is expected to drive prices of cryptocurrencies up shortly.