Are Institutional Investors Reliable for the Growth of Cryptocurrency?

Are Institutional Investors Reliable for the Growth of Cryptocurrency_

With the involvement of Bakkt in cryptocurrency, it has become ever so resounding that the cryptocurrency market is continuously being flooded with more and more institutional investors.

Perceived as a good news for the cryptocurrency market, institutional investors have claimed the spots and are now seen as the next big players intended to skyrocket cryptocurrencies to the top.

But with the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, are institutional investors prepared to go all in and overlook the rivalry in the space, as well as the unpredictable movement in trading prices. Can traders count on institutional investors as the next big milestone for cryptocurrency?

While a handful of cryptocurrency users believe that individual adaptation is sufficient for the growth and expansion of cryptocurrencies, some others are of the notion that institutional investors will create more room of possibilities to aid the centralization of cryptocurrency.

Whatever the case turns out to become, It is undeniable that institutional investors will create traffic in the crypto space and give cryptocurrency the boost it needs, and more importantly bring regulation to the table for cryptocurrencies. This will, in turn, promote a larger possibility for consideration and wider adaptation of cryptocurrencies around the world.


United States based Cryptocurrency exchange giant Poloniex has also made its mark known as an institutional investor. Poloniex has followed suit by announcing via a tweet on its official Twitter page, revealing that its institutional accounts are set to go live.

“Institutional accounts are now available on Poloniex! Learn more about Poloniex for institutions and open an account today” _ poloniex exchange.

Recently, it was also reported that Nasdaq is eyeing Bitcoin futures and is ready to give Bakkt a run for its money. Now, Bitcoin Futures have been a controversial development in cryptocurrency with different parties having mixed reactions about its future effects on Bitcoin.