Bitcoin Futures Trading; A Rally To $6750 In The Offing


Jeff Kilburg at the CME and Anthony Grisanti at the NYMEX both futures traders believes that bitcoin is in a range and a bullish move is in the offing.

Bitcoin Bounce is Ahead

Anthony Grisanti and Jeff Kilburg both shared their opinion on the future trade of the top value cryptocurrency, bitcoin on CNBC. Based on technical analysis as agreed by the two experienced traders, bitcoin is in for a rally. They both shared their current future trade of bitcoin.
CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis sought the opinion of Jeff Kilburg on bitcoin future trade on CBOE. Jeff stated that he is more than interested to buy bitcoin, inclusive of his friends and family. On his current futures trade, Jeff noted bitcoin has been in a range in the past week and to follow the trend “he wants to be a buyer at $6520” with a target of $6750. The range has seen outperform most stocks which indicates, a bullish trend. He is staking $250, on one contract, with sell loss at $6000  targeting the reward of $500.
Also, Anthony Grisanti shares the same opinion while he believes that there is no alternative to a rally to the price bitcoin for now. He stated that gold had seen a gain of $30 to $40 in recent week, and with a decrease in the sell-off of bitcoin,  the trade he is trading at the moment should head to $6750.
Anthony Grisanti is the Founder and President of GRZ ENERGY and has over 30 years of experience in the futures industry. And Jeff Kilburg has over twenty years of investment experience and is the CEO of KKM Financial, a boutique asset management firm based in Chicago, IL.

Bitcoin has seen a steady within $6000 and $6500 of recently and has seen support at $6000 in the past two months. Speculations of a possible bullish trend are yet to cease as the crypto community awaits another bullish trend.