XMRWALLET is the Easiest wallet ever for the safest Crypto ever

XMRWALLET is the Easiest wallet ever for the safest Crypto ever

One of the things that keep users away from new technologies is the difficulty in adopting the new. The use of cell phones, the migration to smartphones, the interaction with social networks and the substitution of normal television by Internet content providers are clear examples of how technology can determine a distance between generations, given the difficulty of adoption for those who are familiar with a certain type of behavior.
Cryptocurrencies have had to solve many problems on their long road to global adoption, and while the number of users is increasing every day, an undeniable reality is that many simply increase the statistics to speculate and benefit from trading without any real implementation or practical use for the various altcoins that exist in the market.
There is an altcoin for every taste and one that stands out for its configuration and level of adoption is Monero. Monero has become the premier Altcoin for those seeking privacy and security. While transparent and unalterable transactions are the law at Bitcoin, Monero’s vision is to create a crypto money that is based on the same technology but following different principles. And it did it.
However, one of the problems that exist for Monero’s real implementation as a value exchange mechanism is the lack of options for its manipulation. Developers prefer to focus on other more mainstream cryptos, leaving Monero with a handful of wallets available.
Another problem is the difficulty of creating an account due to the way the crypto is structured. These tedious steps cause users to migrate to other alts or simply use the address provided by an Exchange to manage their XMRs, which of course is not recommended at all.
This is the main problem that Nathalie Roy, creator of XMR Wallet, seeks to change. The XMR Wallet interface is clean, beautiful and easy to use. It’s an interface that attracts and fulfills its purpose: Even the person with the least contact with the cryptosphere could create their own wallet in seconds. Only 3 steps and 3 clicks are enough:
1) Enter the address xmrwallet.com

2) Copy the seed that was given to you and paste it into the box below

3) Click on the hard-to-miss button indicating that you copied the seed

And that’s it!
Comparing the time it takes banks to open an account with traceable resources controllable by third parties, with the 5 seconds it takes to open an account with XMRWallet to have untraceable crypto money, and with the benefits of XMR such as low rates and super economical fees allows to easily find a winner. Of course this is the most basic thing that can exist, however, the portfolio allows many other options for users to choose.
XMRWallet Features

  • 100% client-side app and open source. This, unlike other wallets on the market, allows the code to be reviewed and improved every day by an active community that seeks to have the wallet with the “perfect” code.
  • Multiple language support (10). Unlike other wallets, the native language support allows the user to save the seed of his wallet in the safest place in the world: His memory… However, of course it is always recommended to have some kind of backup.
  • Completely free, including importing previous transactions. An important feature that differentiates it from virtually every wallet on the market: every time there is a transaction in addition to the mining fees, a commission must be paid to the wallet for providing the management service of the crypto. XMRWallet does not require nor obligate the user to make any type of payment.
  • No registration required, No logs. An important reason: Since it is not necessary to create an account, the wallet does not handle more information than is strictly required. Other better-known options require that certain data be provided to the application’s servers such as the mailbox, a special password, etc.
  • Active development (2018). One of the best reasons. In case of an error, bug, or suggestion, it is very likely that it will be solved in a more than correct time. The interaction with the public is similar to having thousands or millions of betatesters internationally.

As its Reddit thread states, there are other features that may result interesting to check out:

  • Fully client-side
  • Fast transactions
  • Instant account creation
  • Multiple language support (10)
  • Compatible with MyMonero seed (import wallet)
  • Compatible with original monero seed (import wallet)
  • No transaction import required (entire wallet sync)
  • Visible height syncronization (with progress bar)
  • XMR/USD balance view (auto updates)
  • Max function on send page
  • Multiple seed access (in new tab)

In development:

  • Seamlessly access coins on forked chains. (XMC, XMO, XMV)
  • Twitter (when I have time)

Its development in PHP makes it recommendable for those who are looking to get started in the world of the altcoins with a small balance. However, for large amounts of money or longer periods of time, it is always good to have some hardware device or cold or paper wallet. For everything else, XMRWallet is just great!