Why Digibyte Should Be Under Your Radar

Why Digibyte Should Be Under Your Radar

As many new investors consider bitcoin and other big cryptocurrencies out of their league when looking to invest, the smaller ones then come into play. However, the existence and introduction of many new digital coins bring about a dilemma as to which one would be a better option.

To make a digital coin a much better option when looking to throw money around, it should have a strong technical and tactical plan behind it for it to be able to survive in the crypto craze environment.

Digibyte is a part of the new cryptocurrency community and has a bright future written all over it. Digibyte was created on January 10, 2014, by Jared Tate and was primarily aimed at cybersecurity, which as we all know has been the major weakness in many cryptocurrencies.

The coin is tipped to shine in the near future, with amazing potential, coupled with exceptional qualities.

For starters, the digital coin is 40 times faster than Bitcoin. Yes, you read that right. The coin has 15 seconds block timing, a unique technological innovation that will compel it to soar higher in months to come.


The digital coin is also designed to be the fastest in terms of block speed on the UTXO Blockchain. Its superiority when it comes to blockchain also offers perfect security which protects it from malicious attacks, faster transactions, and high scalability.

Another goodie associated with Digibyte is that it uses five equally-weighted cryptographic mining algorithms, to prevent mining centralization, with each cryptographic mining algorithm coming with a personal difficulty adjustment.

This is dubbed the MultiShield, by the team behind the cryptocurrency. This makes it immune to hard forks and attacks which have plagued other cryptocurrencies.

The coin has also broken into many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, coming with daily top-up programs. The coin is also at the time of this writing, trading at $0.028681, making it undervalued and will be a very cheaper option than many coins.

An early investment will go a long way in making you a crypto millionaire when the price starts rising, which will as predicted by many experts. The current price shouldn’t be a reflection of what it will be, as the coin without a doubt will soon be flying high.

Despite the wonderful package this coin carries, a problem associated with it is the low level of exposure. The coin had been sleeping until John McAfee ignited the interest in it with a tweet, causing its market capitalization to reach $1 billion in January of 2018.

With its highly rated team working tirelessly every now and then, this won’t be a problem soon and when that happens, it will finally be on the track to greatness.