While Traditional Financial Tools Fail, Anthony Pompliano Reminds us, ‘Bitcoin is Never Down’

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Anthony Pompliano is one of Bitcoin’s biggest cheerleaders. He can often be seen on Twitter repeating the battle cry “Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers!”

He never misses an opportunity to point out how Bitcoin and altcoins can outdo the current system. When NFL Red Zone host Andrew Siciliano had some ATM troubles in Las Vegas, Pompliano popped in to drop another friendly reminder.

Pomp will remind us on weekends that Wall Street is off, but Bitcoin exchanges keep firing on all cylinders. He also never fails to let us know how Bitcoin has no holidays. On President’s day, he tweeted the “American stock and bond markets are closed today. Bitcoin never closes.”

Pompliano’s persistence fits perfectly with the culture of crypto. He even uses humor to spread the word of Bitcoin.

“Wall Street is under attack from technologists whose weapons of choice are math, software, and memes.”

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“Goldman Sachs now has a ‘flexible dress code.’
Bitcoin doesn’t have a dress code ?”

“My twitter account was down.
Bitcoin never shuts down. ??”

While some of these are more funny than serious, there are many examples of the traditional financial system failing. One instance that displays Pompliano’s warnings in a more grave light was when Visa’s network crashed last summer. Back in June, the Visa network went down due to hardware failure causing customers all over Europe to look for alternate ways to pay for goods and services. Cardholders were stuck in line while shopping without a way to pay. The outage lasted for hours and crippled consumer transactions on a continental scale.

Bitcoin’s decentralized system would not allow for a failure of this level according to Anthony Pompliano and the rest of blockchain’s biggest advocates. Pomp and the rest of Bitcoin’s proponents will keep hammering this point home until mass adoption is reached.