Where are the Bitcoin Predictors who Speculated a Closing Price of $50,000?

Where are the Bitcoin Predictors who Speculated a Closing Price of $50,000?

The Lamborghini is an emblem of wealth in the crypto community, the Hodlers are die, hard investors, the act of pumping and dumping a token are traders reactions to the fear of missing out (FOMO), while the meme is a universal tool used to express all forms of emotions at all times in the crypto world. As the bear market stand firm, users are trying to have a laugh as they recount traders who had predicted massive gains for Bitcoin during this time.

So where are the $50,000 Bitcoin predictors? Well, a good half is making it to the covers of memes. Apparently, the cryptocurrency community finds it amusing that cryptoanalysts, both licensed and self-proclaimed were quick to rephrase and change their predictions once the bears kicked in, however, top crypto developer Andreas Antonopoulos does not share in this comedic-galore, urging users to spread more compassion seeing that the vast majority of investors have sustained losses, and refrain from making “shitty memes”, he said;

“Whatever your reason for being in crypto, now is the time for:
– Compassion
– Patience
– Respect

Lots of people have lost lots of money recently and it is not helpful to make empty promises, share shitty memes, or criticize others’ choices. #bekindorshutup”.

But as much as Antonopoulos may have highlighted the need for consideration, it just doesn’t cut it for crypto-users. “The memes will increase if it falls to $0,” said a user, who was cheered on by the crypto community. As the rest of the community had a good laugh, crypto investor Larry Cermak, took it upon himself to highlight the many predictions made by top crypto personnel.

“Kay Van-Petersen – $100,000
John Pfeffer  – $75,000
Ari Paul – $60,000
Phillip Nunn – $60,000

Pompalion and Ran NeuNer – $50,000”


While a few of the listed names tried to explain their stance, Cermark concluded with a reminder.

“Friendly reminder that no one knows what will happen next. Don’t trust any price predictions ever”.