Visa Is Teaming Up With Coinbase To Issue Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Debit Cards

Visa Is Teaming Up With Coinbase To Issue Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Debit Cards

Crypto users have long yearned for a way to ease the use of cryptos. That prayer was answered in the form of the introduction of crypto ATMs, precisely Bitcoin ATMs. Other cryptos are yet to have such backing. However, a crypto ATM doesn’t quite accomplish what a simple debit card can, and shrewd entities like Coinbase and Visa know that.

Now, the two popular entities are teaming up to come up with a common debit card that will let users spend their cryptos whenever and wherever they want. It’s also interesting that such entities working in entirely different spheres of currency systems can find a middle ground and work together. 

No More Middlemen

Coinbase deals with cryptos. It’s a crypto exchange. On the other hand, Visa deals with mainly fiat money in digital form. The partnership between the two to streamline crypto usage deals a blow to the middlemen who are always cutting a piece of the users’ funds in exchange for their facilitation of payments. Their exclusion in the transaction chain is a huge benefit to the users. 

From an optimist’s point of view, it’s a relief to see such entities working hand-in-hand to serve the users. In fact, it’s in itself a sign that more players in the financial sector are finally ready to ditch the competition and join the crypto bandwagon.

More Adoption?

Coinbase and Visa have targeted some of the most popular cryptos in the market. The proposed new debit card will facilitate XRP, Bitcoin, and ETH payments. Granted, the 3 cryptos are currently the top 3 in the charts in terms of market capitalization.


The new development is expected to boost their usage even further and increase their transaction volumes as well as market caps. In essence, Visa and Coinbase are basically promoting the adoption of the 3 cryptos, which is a good thing for the market.

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