Coinbase Pro Introduces Margin Trading For Eligible Customers


As part of its efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, Coinbase Pro is introducing margin trading as one of its services in response to several requests from customers. The exchange arm of U.S based cryptocurrency company Coinbase will be offering the service to its customers in 23 states and in 9 countries where the service is available for institutional customers.

Individual customers can also access the service but it is restricted to the 23 states only for now. To qualify, such individuals must have been actively trading on Coinbase Pro, evident by an active account with recent deposit and withdrawal transactions. In addition, they must have reasonable digital assets in their Coinbase Pro account as collateral. Institutional customers on the other hand only need to be in the 23 states or the 9 other countries where the feature is available.

Margin trading is a very risky but potentially profitable venture that allows traders to buy and sell securities in a single session. It allows traders to borrow funds as well as hedge and arbitrage across multiple positions without depositing more funds.

It is however ideal only for very experienced traders as funds can be lost very easily if the speculation is not well thought out. There is however no better exchange for such trading experience than Coinbase as it has a very good reputation in terms of security, compliance, and reliability with good crypto liquidity.

Coinbase has been working with its customers to ensure their needs are met by adding cryptocurrencies to its trading list as they are demanded. It has also played its part in encouraging cryptocurrency education and adoption through its learn and earn programs where participants are rewarded with cryptocurrencies to learn about such cryptocurrencies.


As time goes on, the company intends to expand its margin trading service to its customers in other states of the U.S A and other parts of the world. More assets will also be added to provide several different options that will allow customers to margin trade their favorite digital assets.