TVM Launch Takes Tron TRX to top of Crypto Market

TVM Launch Takes Tron TRX to top of Crypto Market

The currently unstable cryptocurrency market has given many a cause to worry. Many have sold their digital assets and the future looks bleak.
However, some players in the digital asset and technology world have decided to face the storm head on and not just succeed but build something that will shake the industry.
Tron, a blockchain company and a leader in the decentralization of the web is one of those who have decided to face the storm. The company recently launched its Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) which turned out to be one of the most groundbreaking technological inventions in recent times.
The company’s founder Justin Sun has proven to be a formidable force in the tech industry pulling dApp developers and engineers from major enterprises like Facebook and Google to himself.
TVM which was built with Ethereum Virtual machine will soon be incorporated with EOS to encourage easy movement of dApps to the platform. The EVM confers greater security for users thus assuring them of their safety by solving the problem of Denial of Service (DOS).
The technology was first tested in August and then modified based on feedback from a Super Representatives group that voted for its upgrade. The test proved useful in making TVM better than its test version.
Tron which was launched only a year ago has multiplied its tokens 100x and may still go higher this year. The company has also recorded many successes principally the launch of TVM, its acquisition of BitTorrent, its listing on BITBOX which operates LINE and the exponential growth of its workforce, being some of the company’s greatest achievements this year.
The launch of TVM has made the world of technology more robust, easy and efficient for all kinds of tech professionals by improving development tools, team building among developers and game building. There is no wonder Tron has been a top company in technology that has brought many inventions to limelight.
Although it is one of the top 20 cryptocurrency company in China, Tron has attracted a lot of attention to itself following the launch of TVM, witnessing an increase of 20% in only seven days following the launch on 30 August.
These groundbreaking achievements of Tron is a clear indication that the company is heading to the top. It is not surprising that it is working with Ethereum on this since Ethereum has been instrumental in technological developments in the blockchain ecosystem lately, particularly in the development of dApps.