TRX Bulls Begin Making Moves, As NBA Legend Joins the Tron Army

TRX Bulls Begin Making Moves, As NBA Legend Joins the Tron Army
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As Tron bulls begin making moves with the aim of pulling up Tron prices to their former glory days, there has been a major boost from the project. The project confirmed that Kobe Bryant, NBA legend and President of Kobe Inc will be attending Tron’s first international conference to be held in San Francisco. Besides attending, the NBA legend will share his thoughts on entrepreneurship and most likely, his take on the blockchain and crypto industry.

This announcement comes at a great time for the bulls who are trying to consolidate and move prices higher. Kobe Bryant is highly thought by millions of fans from around the world and his involvement will influence millions on how they think of cryptocurrencies and particularly Tron. Bulls will definitely capitalize on this and ensure they push away bears as far as they can.

Sun has been talking about Kobe’s involvement in the conference stating that he was honored to have the legend attending. He has also added that he has always admired Kobe and has always thought of him not only as a “basketball genius” but also an “investment genius”.

Although neither Kobe Bryant nor Tron has officially stated if Kobe Bryant will be further involved with the project, it’s hard not to speculate that he might get into a commitment with the project.

Tron is currently trading around $0.014. This is a drop from highs of $0.022 in the last 7 days. After initially dropping to $0.018 on November 16 and trying to find support at this level, the coin continued to plummet and hit lows of up to $0.013.


In recent months, Tron has been making some major moves having just recently announced their collaboration with Baidu. The project has also recently announced that Tron TRX is now supported by the Huobi wallet.

Although TRX prices do not reflect it, 2018 is by far the best year for the Tron project. In the coming days, should the market continue to keep its head up and continue recording gains we should see Tron rally above $0.020 in the short term? As for the long term, its all-time high of $0.25 remains a possibility. The year 2019 according to many pundits will be the year for Tron and the recent fall opens up a buying opportunity for investors.

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