Justin Sun: ‘Tron’s Daily Transaction Volume Is Now 10 Times That Of EOS’

Justin Sun: 'Tron’s Daily Transaction Volume Is Now 10 Times That Of EOS'

Tron is once again hitting the headlines, and for good reasons. The platform has grown popular for its apparent uniqueness as a system that facilitates storage, streaming, and content delivery in the most secure and straight-forward manner. Of late, the platform has seen exponential growth especially in terms of its daily transaction volumes. The recent development has been announced on Twitter by the company’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun.

In a tweet, Justin claimed that Tron’s daily transaction volume is now growing at a rate of more than $20,000 every day. He even went on to quip that the new record now makes TRX 10 times larger than EOS. Various users joined the thread to offer their opinions to the world.


Some expressed their skepticism about the whole Tron growth thing, saying that the large volume might not matter. Another user expressed their disbelief that Tron’s volume could have really jumped from just $1 million to $2 million so suddenly. They even alleged that the crypto’s followers on Twitter and Facebook may not be real.

In a separate comment, someone wondered what kind of utility the cryptocurrency was bringing to the table, especially to the institutions.

TRX Is 100X Better Than EOS


TRX supporters made their presence felt with their pro-Tron comments. According to one of them, TRX is currently 100 times better as compared to EOS. For one, Tron has just launched its own exchange platform called Tron Market.

The Tron Rocket Is About To “Moon”

According to some of the ardent Tron enthusiasts, the crypto’s price is about to shoot up. In fact, two of the comments on the thread stood out sharply. One expressed their displeasure that TRX was still undervalued. According to this user, people won’t really realize it until the bull market comes on and the price makes a huge jump.

The other comment was of a rather optimistic nature. In this user’s view, the Tron rocket is about to set off and that the current market lull is just a preparation period for the coming run.

All in all, there wasn’t a shortage of Tron supporters on the thread. Some shared funny memes depicting TRX’s triumph over cryptos like Ethereum.  Others joined in to express their support for the crypto as well as their optimism for a better price in the near future. Someone even said TRX could hit $0.2 soon.