Tron’s Justin Sun to Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin; “Don’t think Ethereum transaction volume will ever catch up to TRON’s again.”

Tron's Justin Sun to Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin;

Cryptocurrency developers are not one to keep mute, especially when their token hit a major milestone. Justin Sun, the founder of the world’s 11th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is still in excitement over the consistency in trading price that has overthrown the world’s second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Unable to contain his excitement, Sun tweeted at his “supposed” rival, Vitalik Buterin, making it clear that Ethereum’s transaction will no longer meet or even surpass his token Tron.

The tweet read ;

The tweet has garnered a handful of comments from both Ethereum and Tron supporters alike. Amidst a ton of congratulations, some fans tweeted “shots fired”, suggesting that Sun has drawn a battle line against Buterin who is yet to make any response.

While others are of the opinion that Buterin may not be bothered as Tron’s trading price ($0.022822) is still way below  Ethereum’s trading price, which is currently at $211.33 in the moment of writing.


Tron’s upsurge had taken place on the 18th of October with a daily transaction price of 599,677 TRX against 565,971 ETH. On the following day, the pending daily transaction for Tron totaled at 630,018 against Ethereum at 601,119.

At the moment of the price increase, TRONbet which credited users with over 70 million worth TRX was still ongoing, this had led users to speculate that the price increase was birthed by the bet’s traffic and would only be temporary, however Tron did not only strive those speculations, the token also recorded another impressive milestone when it hit a total of 12 million smart contracts in just two weeks after its inception. Justin Sun who shared the news via Twitter revealed that the next anticipated milestone would be 50 million smart contracts.