Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng Comments On Hublot’s “Bitcoin Only” Watches Worth $25,000

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CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Zhao Changpeng responds to Hublot’s “bitcoin only” watches worth $25,000.

Zhao Changpeng (CZ), the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform has shared his thoughts on Hublot’s latest crypto watch (The Big Bang Meca-10 P2P). The luxury timepiece which is sold for $25,000 (3.94BTC) caught the attention of CZ who went on to praise the brand, terming it “a real watch company”.

The finely crafted wristwatch adorned with Bitcoin logos aimed at completing Bitcoin’s 10 year anniversary led Zhao to express his interest in having a $Bnb customized watch. “Now I will patiently wait 9 years for the $Bnb anniversary model”, he said. Upon his realization that the 210 watches made had already been sold, he teased that he would have been tempted to “support the cause”.

The 41-year-old CEO further advised brands to realize the benefits of a crypto-only market as opposed to limiting traders to purchasing products using only one fiat currency.

He said :


“If you target a niche market in only one fiat currency, you unnecessarily limit your market size.  While you can target the same niche, in crypto, you get 180 countries at the same time. 180x! Easy decision.”

Although the Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot has not disclosed intentions of unveiling crypto-customized watches in future, the company has shown itself to be highly interested in merging crypto and aesthetics. Whilst significantly producing “210” watches in reference to Bitcoin’s anniversary, the company also noted it was aimed at commemorating fact that there’d only be 21 million Bitcoin in existence.

The art of purchasing luxuries with cryptocurrencies have been a long-term tradition for users and investors alike. In a bid to surround the system of purchasing with more flexibility, luxurious brands are adopting a “crypto only” policy. Brands like HTC has implemented an “Ethereum only” medium for their latest flagship mobile phone, dubbed “Exodus 1”.

The Exodus 1 which can only be purchased by Ethereum is sold at $960 (4.58 ETH) and comes with the Zoin Cryptocurrency wallet to enable users with a default crypto-trading wallet upon purchasing.

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