Tron (TRX) Trying To Pave Way As King Of DApps, Over $91 Million Spent in 24 Hours

CEO Justin Sun Plans Secret Valentine Package For Tron And BitTorrent, Intends to Host so many Celebrities

Much of the chatter in the cryptocurrency space is about price. Investors want to know when the markets will be getting back to all-time highs and soaring towards the moon. Many forget or are simply unaware that usage is what will vault the run.

Tron is jumping out ahead of many of its cryptocurrency counterparts by getting people to actually use DApps based on the Tron blockchain. Misha Lederman, the co-founder of, tweeted this graphic to illustrate just how active DApps on Tron are becoming.

Tron has been a hype train from day one. Led by founder and CEO Justin Sun’s in your face marketing style, the Tron community loves to pump up the protocol on social media. But Sun and Tron are also delivering. People are engaging and most importantly, becoming loyal Tron users. There are tons of popular games such as Tron Goo and gambling apps including sports betting and casino action.

Justin Sun has put forward some ambitious goals, but he is aggressive and there seem to be no limits in this space. Sun claimed TRX will be in the top four coins according to the market cap by the end of the year and so far nothing has shown that Tron can’t complete their mission. If Tron keeps adding popular DApps as the cryptocurrency space in general matures, Tron could soon become a household name.