Tron, Now a Public Chain of Dapps, Trading Over $17 Million in Seven Days – Justin Sun

Tron, Now a Public Chain of Dapps Ecosystem, Trading Over $17 Million in Seven Days - Justin Sun

Tron is winning in the Dapp ecosystem, with a platform that is most efficient and friendly for programmers and developers. Its daily trading volume has increased rapidly. The founder of the Tron network Justin Sun is proud to announce in a tweet that Tron Dapp performance has overtaken EOS and ETH.

Its performance keeps getting better as more developers migrate with their Dapps from other networks to Tron. It took Tron one hundred and eighty days to reach its 1 million users and 68 days to reach another 1 million. Now it has over 2 million Mainnet users account. This level of performance is quite exceptional considering the newness of the Tron Mainnet.

Tron’s weekly trade volume rose over 207%, with its users spending roughly $30 million a day. The rise in the amount spent by users on Dapps started after the upgrade between Odyssey and Tron. Dapp development and usage on Tron blockchain grew rapidly in less than two weeks after the major upgrade. Tron recorded over $46 million against EOS and Ethereum that recorded just $11 million and $2 million respectively.

‘“Following this upgrade, we are expecting an increase in Dapp development and business transaction across both the Tron (TRX) and Odyssey (OCN) ecosystems, due to the upgrade’s cross-chain interoperability between Odyssey and Tron.’’

Now, Tron has 255 Dapps on its network that are performing better than other networks and still counting.