TRON (TRX) Super Representative Role; uTorrent Announce Bid

TRON (TRX) Super Representative Role; uTorrent Announce Bid

uTorrent announces the bid to become the super representative of Tron (TRX). Utorrent, a well known and a crucial BitTorrent client around the world has made the decision known as they join other viable bodies to jostle for the position which affords the holder the profit from the DPoS algorithm platform. The decision was announced on the 25th of July on the Tron’s official website.
The Super Representative Role; Importance, Election, Candidates and the Benefits
uTorrent announced on the 25th of July that it is joining the race for the super representative role of Tron (TRX). The position of the super representative of TRX affords the flag bearer the future governance of the blockchain platform and also the essential benefits accruable from the DPoS algorithm.
These benefits make the position very vital to the development of the eventual super representative and even the growth of TRON. Utorrent also announced that “µTorrent shares the same values and vision with another super representative candidate, BitTorrent.” Thus making its decision known.
The choice of super representative will take a clear and transparent mode, through the community voting. This mode of choice will help to evade the act of corruption, and abuse of power in the election process.
Speaking on this mode of choosing the super representative of the TRON, Justin Sun the founder of TRON comment on the importance of it, as beyond just a solution to the technical aspect but also has philosophical components.
He further stated that “I have always believed deeply in the values of the sovereignty of the people and natural rights of the people. In the cryptocurrency world, we’re talking about the sovereignty of the token; the natural rights of the token! Each token is of vital importance, as they are the keys to decentralising network power.” While he also went further to declare his intention to run for the position of a super representative like all other candidates.
It is notable that BitTorrent is also vying for the role of super representative,  a firm that is already acquired by Justin Sun recently, and Justin Sun is also a candidate as well. Other candidates vying for the roles include µTorrent, Antpool, BTCC Pool, Genesis Capital, Ok Blockchain Capital (OkEX, Justin Sun, BitTorrent and others.
uTorrent has a massive infrastructure and a tremendous worldwide user base, which gives it a significant advantage in the voting process.
Justin Sun the founder of Tron has strived much in giving the crypto the present image it has in the community and is still working hard to attain its goal without forfeiting the quality.
The super representative is very vital to the development of blockchain as candidates jostle for it through the transparent voting system, the best candidate would emerge.