Tron (TRX) Still Gains Best Performer Among Top Cryptocurrencies

Tron (TRX) Still Gains Best Performer Among Top Altcoins

Tron has experienced an upward movement in the last few months, mostly since September, when it was listed on the Crypto Exchange Platform. This listing enables users on this platform, to buy TRX in exchange for dollars, using their own credit cards.

The impact has pushed Tron to a higher level of usage and an attraction for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiast, who are looking for the next big opportunity in the Crypto world. Though Tron is currently trading below $1, an overview by sees it rising above $1 in the next 5 years. This is also a good opportunity for investors who would be interested in buying coins still under $1.

Currently, TRX ranks the 4th best coin to buy that is still under $1 with the likes of XVG, DGB AND XRP.

Tron platform enables users to set up and store applications, execute good contracts using its blockchain. It allows them to publish data and contents, easily,  very useful for key industries like entertainment and the media. The hidden blockchain powering Tron is advanced, it can easily carry plenty of data.

This digital asset has soared through every storm, that is hindering the performance of other coins as though it is not affected by the market situation. In the current market report of Coinmarketcap’s top 100 Market  Capitalization, Tron ranks among the best performers after Bitcoin Private and Noah coin.


In this Market Capitalization Chart, TRX is listed among the top performers, as an emerging cryptocurrency, TRX has done considerably well compared to other smaller coins.

According to TradeView, this digital asset is currently 8.26%, a report on this progress shows that the total number of accounts on the TRX network has gone beyond 400,000 more than EOS. The average daily transaction is said to be 29 times higher than Ethereum during last month.

This is TRX growth chart as at the time of writing this article.

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron has grown in popularity with Facebook followers that have grown over 1 million. TRX has one of the strongest crypto communities, which is powered by Sun’s constant tweeting, promises of giveaways and surprises for the enthusiast.

What Triggers Tron’s (TRX) High Performance

A lot of factors are being considered to push the rapid growth of this digital asset. According to Tron website, its aim is to decentralize the method through which content is shared on the internet that artists, musicians, creatives can share their content without middle companies like youtube, Apple, Amazon or Facebook. And they have employed effective tools that are empowering them to rank among the top performers in the Crypto world and investor’s delight.

TRX Partnership With Developers

The launch of the Main net has become a big plus for Tron, now it partners with some developers and gaming content companies like Bitman and Uplive. This coming together, will provide them with a decentralized platform to publish their contents. Tron will gain more acceptability and increased usage, as more developer start using this platform.

According to a report from, TRX platform is one of the few blockchains which enables contents to be published easily without hitches. The application of this platform will bring wide coverage, usage will increase and also the token prices.

This platform has great potentials, and now is the best time for investors to take advantage of the consistent increase in the value of this cryptocurrency.

Tron has also extended its partnership to the sports industry by joining together with vSports. The aim is to create a better platform for sports coverage, another boost for investors.

Wide Usage

TRX  is beating very hard on increasing its coverage, by adding new partnerships globally. Content developers from different countries can access its platform and use it without any restrictions. Tron development team aim to significantly increase usage by making the platform more versatile.

Tools have been provided by the team on Tron Developer Hub for any developer who has an interest in exploring the Tron Platform. These tools will enable users to test the limit of the platform, there is a tool for converting Ethereum Contracts to function on this platform.

The market effect of the recent launch of Test net is phenomenal, it expanded to 31 countries within a week, with 2500 nodes, notwithstanding the unfavorable market condition.

This digital currency has demonstrated a progressive movement and favorable future with the launch of Test net, which includes complete nodes, basic network function, transactions, and customizable modules.

To further widen its coverage and usage, Tron Foundation has planned to host a developer’s conference in San Francisco on 17th to 18th of January, 2019. This project will be managed by DApp developers and the main objective is to create an opportunity to bring together, all individuals interested in the blockchain industry. This would enhance, Tron Ecosystem, and utilize the full potential of the platform.

TRX Expansion And Development

Tron is building a stronger network through an expansion which is achieved by partnering with major companies in key industries. The team is looking to partner with Alibaba on the cards in the future, the coin will find its mojo quickly and the investors will be able to make more money.

Tron CEO clearly stated that he is open for partnership with more companies who may be interested. The partnership being tied is going up every day, as a result of Tron’s readiness to come together with interested companies.

Tron is one of the smaller cryptocurrencies, which has broken all barriers to make it to the mainstream and now ranks among the top performers with the likes of bitcoin, leading the way. Investors are so excited about this remarkable turnaround, and more opportunities are being created by the Tron team, to make this cryptocurrency experience better for users and investors.

According to the CEO, Sun, the currency to be used on Tron platform is ‘Tronix’ which is expected to have at least 10 million users.  Sun announced his intention to implement Tron network for his Chinese social networking app, he called ‘Peiwo.’

As at the time of writing this article, the price of Tronix is down by 0.06% by but is expect to pick up.

Tron reach is very wide and its partnership is growing strong with big companies coming to play on this platform. What drives the Tron team is their aim to create a platform where users will have the best experience.

And they have set everything they need in motion to achieve this. TRX  has larger opportunities for growth and expansion, their team is also working very hard on developing their product.