Tron (TRX) Announces New Products and Token Sales

Tron (TRX) Announces New Products and Token Sales

Tron has been actively expanding its reach and market recently with myriads of new products it is introducing to the technology market. Within this week alone, Tron has introduced many products and development tools which may be competing favourably in the market.
One of its most ground breaking achievements recently introduced is Tronweb, a front end Javascript API. Tronweb which is intended to help connect third party projects to the Tron blockchain is expected to compete with and if possible displace Ethereum’s Web3.js because it is designed to be used in a similar fashion as Web3.js.
The company on its Twitter page also announced that another tool, TronBox will soon be released which just like Tronweb, can be used to build decentralized apps on the Tron network.
Meanwhile, the company has also announced the launch of its new decentralized, open source trading platform, “Tronwatch Market” and its token sales. TronWatch Market is designed to provide a more secure and decentralized trading environment for traders holding any Tron tokens.
All transactions on the platform will be in the form of smart contracts that security companies can audit and since it is open source, regular updates can be added from individuals to improve the platform. The platform is also meant to bring together those who trade Tron Tokens and be a conducive atmosphere for traders.
In order to fund the TronWatch project and to ensure timely completion and deployment of the platform, the company has also announced the sales of its tokens with a hard cap of $5 million (250 million TRX) and a soft cap of $270,000 (13.5 million TRX). Users can buy the TronWatch Market tokens using the Basic Token System with TRX at $0.01 or 0.5 TRX fixed price. They may also use the SEEDgerminator Sesameseed.
Seeing the announcements Tron has made in the last week, it is evident that the company is working on becoming a major player in dApps development. Its focus has moved to both products and tools for development which will make revolutionary changes in both apps development and cryptocurrency trading.
Ethereum has been moving fast in dApps development recently as well. Its blockchain is also a favourite for developing many products and it popularity among app developers seems to be growing fast. With the arrival of Tron and its many products however, it seems Ethereum now has a formidable opponent to deal with as far as dApps development is concerned.