Tron (TRX) Ramping up Adoption efforts Like Wildfire

Tron (TRX) Ramping up Adoption efforts Like Wildfire

Tron’s founder Justin Sun has been busy since the foundation’s first day exploring new partnerships and expanding Tron’s potential reach.  Tron’s most recent move will expand the coin’s reach to over 2 million businesses around the world.
CoinPayments, one of the most popular processors in the crypto space has integrated Tron into its platform.  With this integration, TRX holders around the world will be able to spend their holdings at approximately 2.2 million different shops and vendors.
CoinPayments tweeted the announcement and emphasized their excitement about the Tron project.  

“We are pleased to announce the addition of #TRON (TRX) to our platform. Any of our 2.2 million+ businesses and users can now accept payments in $TRX through any of our integrations for all the major ecommerce platforms! #TRX @tronfoundation @justinsuntron …”

Tron has been ramping up it already expansive marketing reach in recent weeks.  Just last week Tron and Seddit, a cryptocurrency payment system based on the Tron blockchain set forth on a mission to spread Tron awareness by urging TRX holders to send tron to their favorite artists and celebrities. A-listers from the likes of Kanye West to Pope Francis received TRX and millions of new people were exposed to Tron, Seddit, and the blockchain chain world.
With new dApps popping up on Tron’s mainnet, it would be no shock to see tron begin to scale the market cap list.  VibraVid is an example of a company that intends to decentralize a current process using Tron’s blockchain. They are basically aiming to bring a decentralized version of YouTube to content creators and consumers all over the world.
Intergalactic Gaming is another company with the goal of disrupting an industry. They hope to change the competitive gaming world and put it back in the hands of the gamers themselves.
The entire entertainment industry could be in for change as Tron provides a means for consumers to absorb new content without intermediaries syphoning off profits and mishandling sensitive information.  
Tron is set to release its Virtual Machine on the Tron mainnet on August 30th, allowing dApp developers to explore and create new uses for the blockchain.