Justin Sun wants Venezuelan Petro to be launched On Tron (TRX) Mainnet instead of Ethereum's Blockchain

Justin Sun wants Venezuelan Petro to be launched On Tron Mainnet instead of Ethereum's Blockchain

The recent announcement of the Venezuelan government that fiat could be devalued by 95% so that it could be pegged with the cryptocurrency Petro that the Venezuelan parliament are yet to support, has attracted mixed reactions.
The aim of the decision is to reduce the impact of the economic recession that the Venezuelan people are passing through in the hands of U.S government as a result of the political instability in the country. Before this announcement, Tron foundation in its capacity has been offering direct aid to reduce the suffering of Venezuelans.
In response to this, young Tron Founder,Justin Sun, in a recent tweet encouraged Venezuelan politician,Adán Chávez to build the Petro on Tron mainnet instead of the ethereum blockchain that has attracted a lot of startups even Tron before they transferred to their mainnet few months ago.
The tweet stated:

“If you really care about your people and want them to put $PETRO to actual use, at least build on some faster technology like #TRON $TRX not Ethereum …”

Adan Chávez the brother of Venezuela’s former president Hugo Chávez. who was a former governor of Barinas state, Ambassador to Cuba and a minister.
Tron CEO and founder Justin Sun made gave this opinion when he was responding to the tweet by Adan Chavex who is the brother of venezuela’ former president Hugo Chavez and a former governor of the state of Barinas, and also a long time education minister during his brothers stint as the president.
Adan Chavez tweet reads:

“Let us celebrate together with the president @NicolasMaduro the start of circulation of the Sovereign Bolivar, part of the Recovery, Growth and Economic Prosperity program to strengthen the real valuation of our currency anchored to Petro.”

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