Tron Plans to Bring One Billion BitTorrent (BTT) Ecosystem Users Into TRON (TRX)

CEO Justin Sun Plans Secret Valentine Package For Tron And BitTorrent, Intends to Host so many Celebrities

Tron CEO, Justin Sun announced in a tweet that his network has a plan to increase BitTorrent/Tron users to one billion through partnership support. These new users will operate in the Tron and BTT world.

Tron network is one of the companies that believe so much in team power, they have partnered with so many firms ranging from developers to giant companies. The team leverages on the power of the network to grow, bringing different ideas and innovations, which has rapidly increased and expanded the development of the firm.

Even as a young company, Tron is pushing forth with a tremendous force which has taken it over most of its competitors that are older in the industry. Its growth in the crypto industry is magical but it is not magic at all, it is based on effective strategies employed by the team.

From close observation, Tron seems to be more transparent than most of its competitors, this endears it to users and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Its transparency is shown in the tendency to share with users and the public every activity or achievement of the network.

In the recent evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development China to access the applicability, creativity and basic tech of 36 digital assets. Tron came near to the top, gaining the second position in its first time of participating in the assessment. The Center gave a favorable report about Tron network based on the assessment.


Partnership and publicity are the two basic strategies Tron has applied to beat its competitors. Some of Tron’s partners are developers and programmers who migrated from Ethereum network because they see Tron network as understandable and easier to use. Some other major companies in the network include BitForex, D2F, OTCBTC, Shiftmarkets and more.

The combination enables Tron to keep on spreading its tentacles to dominate the crypto realm by onboarding more users.