Tron Dethrones Ethereum In New Chinese Crypto Rankings

Tron Dethrones Ethereum In New Chinese Crypto Rankings

Tron made its first debut in the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development China’s ranking and came close to the top of the list, displacing Ethereum and other cryptos except for EOS. Due to the troubling condition of the crypto market, which sent some cryptos prices rising and others falling in price, the CCID China took it upon themselves to evaluate the performance of 35 projects in the crypto sphere.

According to the center, this is the second update done this year with Tron being the only new addition to the process. The evaluation was based on applicability, creativity and basic tech ability of 35 digital assets. Tron displaced ethereum and took the second position, ETH now sits at the third position.

According to the analysis, Tron has high-level reliability and coverage even though it is still young and growing. Its network is compatible with the Ethereum smart contracts which makes the processing of chained transaction better. It hosts about 200 decentralized applications, gained 145.6 in the evaluation.

The evaluation was based on basic technology and applicability. The top five evaluated for basic technology were EOS, Tron, Bitshares, GXChain, and Nano. In this category, the technical evaluation was conducted, focusing on functions, decentralization, and safety. The second category is the applicability category which includes Ethereum, NEO, Nebulas, Tron and Ontology. Evaluating the responsiveness to practical applications which include, nodes, wallet, development support and implementation application.

Tron received a high remark from the center which indicates it will perform better in the next evaluation.


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