Tron is in Another Planet ; Breaks Four Huge Milestones!

Tron is in Another Planet ; Breaks Four Huge Milestones!

Is new money being pumped into Tron? Statistics show that the majority of the institutional investors that ventured into cryptocurrency were more invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum, yet Tron continuous to make outstanding progress despite the bearish storm. Although Tron’s trading price is not confined to an anomaly zone, and the token has lost a total 12.26% since the day began, this did not hinder the token from breaking bounds to hit four significant milestones yesterday.

Retweeting an excited user’s tweet, Tron’s Justin Sun revealed that the token’s daily address had increased to 14,846 accounts, the trading volume also jumped by 1,64 million Txs, while Tron’s few weeks old decentralized exchange Tron Dex, celebrates 10 days of impressive record volume.

The tweet read ;

“#TRON broke 4 new records today. Daily Address Increase record: 14,846 new accounts. Node Count record: 1,718 Nodes. Daily Transactions record: 1,64 million Txs DEX Celebrates 10 days w/ Record Volume”.

Tron’s trading volume may be a result of new and emerging developer-friendly platforms, which is aimed at globally generating traffic from developers and engaging them in activities that consistently keeps the Tron network active.

The most recent of which is the TronAccelerator programme that requires developers to create a unique decentralized project using Tron’s protocol, in return for a cash prize of $1 million. Tron dApps have been making waves since the inception of the TronBet platform which has now credited users with over $3.1 billion, whilst amassing a total of 422 million Tron in volume.


Similarly, EOS also launched trading global EOSHackathon earlier this year, with regions ranging from Africa to London and the United States, the hackathon competition will credit winners with a total cash prize of $1.5 million.

After a successful run in the U.S and the UK, the grand finale which is set to hold in Cape Town, South Africa, is themed around a pitch competition and demo day for previous hackathon winners to compete for the grand prize.

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