Top 5 Altcoins That Will Soon Shoot To The Moon

XRP Price Analysis: Currency Looks Set For a Swift Bullish Rally

We have seen that most Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin have been growing in both market cap and value in the last month.

So what can we expect? Which are the Cryptocurrencies that will shoot to the moon in the near future?

Bitcoin and Ethereum will be both not discussed here, we will be focusing on the Altcoins.

Ripple (XRP) 

It is now the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although we cannot compare it to either of them since it works in a totally different way.

This crypto was created to attract and work with large financial institutions and not only independent users. It was developed in order to facilitate payments and making them astonishingly fast and cheap – transactions that even in large volumes will cost fractions of cents.


It is also a currency that received big support from Google and other big corporate investors, also we see Asian Banks from countries such as Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan showing their interest in it and introducing the digital currency in their financial institutions.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Taking a look at the charts, it is without any doubts one of the best performing Cryptocurrencies in 2019.

Year to date is up by over 500%, making this exchange based token the best performer of the Top 10 Cryptos.

It is a Crypto that surprisingly already reached and surpassed its ATH value reached back in 2017. Also making it the first altcoin to reach its own record from the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

The main reason that gives so much value and volume of trades to this Altcoin is the fact that Binance Exchange is one of the most trusted and reliable Exchanges there is while it has been bustling throughout the whole year.


It is known as a great rival for Ethereum since it is the most technologically advanced platform from all ETH rivals. Mostly because it doesn’t require developers to have intense knowledge on any programming language (While on Ethereum there is the need to know how to code in Solidity Language).

Adding to this, this altcoin is not mined, instead, it is produced by certain users selected by the community.

Taking a look at its value is a currency that doubled its value since the beginning of 2019. Which proves to us that during this growth period we will only see green numbers holding hands with it. There are also circulating unconfirmed reports about Block.One’s New EOS-Powered Social Media App, if this turns out to be true then the altcoin should be on its way to a new all-time high sooner than expected.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar was exactly designed also to facilitate transactions and cross border payments but it was never focusing on big financial institutions, it focuses on giving these perks to individual users. Private, untraceable, fast and cheap transactions.

Just take a moment to compare this, a transaction made using PayPal usually takes a charge of 5% while Stellar (XLM) has a fee of 0,01$ for 600,000 transactions. Also, their processing speed is of 5 seconds per transaction.

It is also known that Stellar has teamed up with big corporate investors, being IBM one of the major brands to be known to be supporting this project.

Litecoin (LTC) 

Bitcoin’s main alternative. It is an altcoin we find on the Top 10 of Cryptocurrencies by market cap for a long time already.

It was developed in a very similar way to Bitcoin, but of course, it was created in order to be more efficient and provide solutions to where Bitcoin fails.

The average block mining time for Litecoin is 2 and a half minutes while for BTC is 10.

Bitcoin requires the SegWit support signal from 95% of the miners for activation while Litecoin only requires 75%. Attracting more people to mine this cryptocurrency since it has more chances to be activated which will bring easier profits.

At the same time, it is one of the Big Four Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.

Looking at numbers. Litecoin value grew by over 300% since the beginning of 2019. We believe one of the main reasons that brought growth to this altcoin even before April’s run was when Charlie Lee – Litecoin creator – announced the collaboration with Beam to implement Mimblewimble in order to add Confidential Transactions to their project.

Bottom line

These are plausibly the 5 Altcoins that will easily keep on growing in value and market cap volume with a fast and steady pace.

All these Cryptocurrencies are to reach their All-Time High very soon (except BNB since it passed it already) and keeps going up.

Most probably we will be completely amazed by the numbers some of them are about to reach in the near future.