Three Cryptocurrencies To Keep An Eye On Amidst Bullish Market Rally

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The long-awaited crypto awakening expected to happen this year seems to be coming close as the crypto market has been bullish from the start of April. The crypto world is still healing from last year’s volatility wounds. Many crypto experts, predicted a major comeback for cryptocurrencies this year and even though the year is still young, the market has remained a pale shadow of what it used to be. The most significant coins are still stuck in the pool of uncertainty whiles many others are going back and forth on the crypto ladder.

One thing about the cryptocurrency world which still makes it an attractive venture is the availability of options. An investor can easily switch lanes when the going gets tougher. Despite the worst and current state of the crypto market, there are a whole lot of smaller coins gaining grounds and should be brought under the spotlight. This piece throws light on three lesser-known coins that should be on the radar of investors.


First seen on the market in 2016, Zcash (ZEC), follows the usual trend of providing its users with secured and transparent transactions. The decentralized cryptocurrency, however, uses cryptography to give its users, the topmost privacy whilst providing transparent and protected transactions through a zero-knowledge proof called ZK-SNARKS.

This process keeps the number of parties involved in the transaction anonymous. Zcash gained 8% just last month after going on a bullish trend, setting $56.28 as its price support resistance. According to experts, when this trend continues, the cryptocurrency could see about 129% increase by the end of the year. At Press time ZEC is up over 9% and currently trading at $73.66.



Dash, just like most of the digital coins have seen fairly rises in price value over the past few weeks. However, the currency has shown promising signs since the start of the year and has seen some shocking developments surrounding it. Dash has recorded over a 70% rise these past two months and currently leads the crypto market surge.

The cryptocurrency over the past week rose to a high of $115, from trading under $90. But has now added up more gains and now trading at $135, It seems there’s no looking back from its deep fall in the middle of February when it dropped to $65. The cryptocurrency looks to have picked itself up and should this continue; it could be in for more bullish trends.

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB has done pretty well this year, and from the look of things, it isn’t stopping anytime sooner. The Binance Coin has seen an unprecedented 230% rise in value over the past 90 days. The currency currently has a market cap of $2.7 billion and has the 7th largest cryptocurrency rights in its bag.

Binance coin is presently trading at $19.41, its highest value for over 15 months. The coin has performed massively against the dollar in the past weeks and now looks set to take over the crypto space as well.