T-Mobile Dragged to Court By a Washington Man after Hackers stole his Cryptocurrencies

T-Mobile Dragged to Court By a Washington Man after Hackers stole his Cryptocurrencies

Carlos Tapang, a  Washington resident has opened a case file at the Washington federal court against T-Mobile, claiming that the telecoms company’s weak security features enabled hackers to gain access to his wireless account and steal his digital currencies worth thousands of dollars.
According to The Verge, the man accused T-Mobile of having “improperly allowed wrongdoers to access” his wireless account on November 7, 2017. Tapang claimed the hackers cancelled his number and transferred it to their own AT&T account. He said:
“T-Mobile was unable to contain this security breach until the next day,” when the company regained access to the line, the deed had already been done. The criminals succeeded in changing the password on one of the victim’s cryptocurrency wallets and stole 1,000 Omisego (OMG) tokens and 19.6 BitConnect coins, Tapang claims.
The hackers now exchanged the coins for 2.875 BTC and transferred it to another wallet, the suit states.
The price of bitcoin on November 7, 2017, was just over $7,000 so assuming the bitcoin was sold on that day, the hackers would have made over $20k. “After the incident, BTC price reached more than $17,000 per coin,” the victim lamented.
The suit alleged the telecoms firm is to blame because it had earlier promised to add a PIN code to Tapang’s account before the incident, but failed to implement it.
Tapang also noted that T-Mobile is fond of granting access to cyberpunks into other peoples accounts. These crackers would call the T-Mobile customer support several times pretending to be real customers until they’re able to get an agent that would grant them access without asking them to verify their identity.
The complaint also made mention of several other anonymous users of the T-mobile network who have fallen victims of the same attack.
Tapang said he was unable to make use of his phone number and had to “expend time, energy and expense and also suffered emotional distress,” therefore he seeks damages and injunctive relief, which might order the firm to beef up their network security.
These days crackers are becoming more sophisticated in their criminal crafts, they can exploit even the tiniest of security loopholes and gain access to cryptocurrency wallets.
With the continuous surge in value of cryptocurrencies, there will always be cases of crypto theft and hacks, therefore crypto investors need to be extra cautious in carrying out transactions. These days even cryptocurrency exchanges fall prey to these attacks.
In january, one of the biggest Japanese exchanges Coincheck, was hacked and the cyber criminals stole over half a billion worth of XEM cryptocurrency.
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