Stellar Price Forecast: XLM to Rally Along With XRP In The Next Coming Days

XLM Soars As Stellar Edges Closer To Flipping Ripple In Race To Becoming Global Payment Solution

Stellar XLM like most altcoins, experienced a downtrend from the second part of 2018, and despite taking on the green at the beginning of the year, things got worst with XLM by taking on its low price point in February this year.

Since then, the coin has managed to rise over 50% in value, and it’s poised to an even greater high. Much credit to the team behind stellar that has stepped up in taking things more seriously as they have now made known of strategies that can put the coin in a major bullish rally and even surpass expectations of some analysts and experts.

According to some analysts, Stellar has set the fundamentals right for investors and as its XLM serves a similar function such as XRP, Stellar XLM may as well rally alongside XRP as most demand in the banking industries for cross-border decentralized payment services can be solved by these two big players. Though XLM is clearly becoming a better option for investors.

The exceptional thing is XLM is not even at its best yet, it is still at a baseline level and gradually gaining momentum. Stellar seems ready for the bull market with significant developments and partnerships that can work wonders for the cryptocurrency.



Much exciting news broke after the striving partnership with tech giant IBM, which is using its initiative to add more banks globally to the Stellar blockchain. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency has made other meaningful developments such as its listing on Coinbase and full integration with the Trust Wallet, which is relevant for sending, receiving, and storing XLM.

Furthermore, Stellar has partnered with Deloitte, have also been added to Wirex making it a new payment choice for users on Wirex and just recently have been listed on These and many upcoming additions and collaborations state the relevance of Stellar XLM and may carry the coin to a new all-time high by the end of the year.

 A $0.4 value is a possible price for XLM by the end of 2019, but if it goes beyond that, then it is a massive win for all its investors.