Some Of The Top ICOs of the year 2018 with details!

Some Of The Top ICOs of the year 2018 with details!

It is no longer a secret that initial coin offering is the hottest topic trending currently in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Raising millions of dollars through initial coin offering enables the launching of innovative startups while providing an avenue for investors to make a reasonable profit.
Most times, the question that is frequently asked is either how to invest and earn a fortune through ICO or how to launch an ICO and gain money. Importantly, you need to know the particular project to invest in. Furthermore, it is essential to investigate such investment, their possible risks, and scrutinize their business integrity.
In this article, we have researched the best list of top ICOs of 2018. However, to enlist the best of these top ICOs, we choose projects which fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have a very low or low-risk score
  • Have a positive investment rating
  • Have a qualified professional team on board
  • Have technical development characteristics that surpass others

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of top ICOs of 2018. This research is based on data provided by ICObench and ICORating.
Summary of WePower ICO

  • Investment rating: Positive
  • Risk Score: 1.8 (Very low)
  • Team: 4.4 (good)
  • Technical Characteristics: 4.9 (Great)
  • Marketing and Social activity: 4.2 (very high)

Based on the blockchain, the platform has the objective of finding relevant solutions to issues regarding funds access for energy developers while providing direct investment for final consumers. Transparency and speed is a top priority in energy trading. The company’s token can be used for earning and long-term investment. The ICO largely benefits from a low-risk score while boosting a well-developed ICO profile including a strong professional team. Remarkably, the ICO raised $40 million.
Summary of Solve.Care ICO

  • Investment rating: Positive
  • Risk Score: 2.2 (low)
  • Team: 4.1 (good)
  • Technical Characteristics: 4.6 (Great)
  • Marketing and Social activity: 4.1 (very high)

Solve.Care was rated as the top healthcare platform on the blockchain by icosource. The platform aims to decentralize and improve healthcare administration with the aid of blockchain implementation. Its objective is to ameliorate the care result through the help of effective coordination and cost/inadequacy removal. The ICO campaign ended on 30 April but currently, the Solve.Care team is working on extending client partnership, CAN transaction auditing, and progression on the token sale. Furthermore, its social media communication is provided on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Github, Bitcointalk, and Reddit.
Summary of Play2Live ICO

  • Investment rating: Positive
  • Risk Score: 2.7 (low)
  • Team: 4.6 (good)
  • Technical Characteristics: 4.8 (Great)
  • Marketing and Social activity: 3.5 (high)

Play2Live is touted as one of the most successful launched ICO in the cryptocurrency industry. It is a blockchain-based streaming platform designed for eSports fans and gamers. While meeting its low-risk score and technical requirements, the platform raised about $30 million. The platform focuses on content, streaming services, and practical needs generation for gamers. According to experts, it has great product functionality because it allows the development of a user-controlled reward system.