Lukki Crypto Exchange: Get Access To An Amazing Launchpad For Holding IEO

Lukki Crypto Exchange: Get Access To An Amazing Launchpad For Holding IEO

Cryptocurrency trading is developing every day, and the list of world exchanges is regularly updated with new platforms for trading top cryptocurrencies and numerous altcoins.

When choosing a trading platform, we are primarily motivated by commercial interest. Traders when entering a particular exchange with a certain amount of money, expect to increase their capital and gain experience, which will further help them use exchanges as a source of constant income.

Therefore, one first needs to carefully study the lists of the exchanges and select those with the most profitable conditions. Having studied the current list of exchanges by rating, users can choose the sites that have already worked well, and thereby minimize risks.

To find a suitable and secure exchange, you should take into consideration the various criteria such as :

  • Reliability of trading volume.
  • Amount of commissions.
  • Customer feedbacks.

One needs to understand that even the most reliable and popular platforms, with the most thoughtful and debugged system of work, cannot guarantee 100% safety of your money. So, risk diversification is the best option to save your investment.


In this regard, Lukki is a young, but already well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Besides being a secure trading platform with 130,000 members, it has also Launchpad for holding IEO. Mainly, Venus Energy and Lancer.Network already attracted $1 Mln over two rounds of token sales.

EarhBi is another project which is about to launch IEO on Lukki. The first period of a token sale starts on August 16. It is an Italian “green” start-up that is aimed at a new biobased and highly biodegradable plastic material, which doesn’t pollute as it dissolves shortly.