“Solving Real Problems” Ripple Starts 2020 With Positive Momentum

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse_ Transparency Is Ripple’s Uniqueness; Makes the Firm Appealing to Governments and Banks

CNN reporter, Julia Chatterley, recently got a chance to interview Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse on February 17, 2020. Following the recent unsettled enigmas in the company, Garlinghouse clarified the issues with the crypto community especially the larger XRP holders who do not have access to the inside stories of its operations.

Ripple being the mother company to the XRP coin has strived to go fully decentralized for the digital asset by detaching itself from the larger XRPL systems. Arguments about a possible IPO have been twirling Ripple since Garlinghouse hinted earlier in the year. With XRP ranked among the top-rated crypto assets although not possessing high market price, it is worth taking note of what he thinks.

Ripple has been making waves by partnering with international financial businesses like MoneyGram and others that want to utilize RippleNet.

Solving Real Problems

Preeminent, Julia asked Garlinghouse what he thinks about the battle between digital currencies. This is pushed by the crypto supremacy that most enthusiasts put on one coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In his response, Garlinghouse argued that there will not be one winner in the crypto space since there are different aspects of consumer problems in the market. According to him, it is not essential to compare the cryptos since they each solve different problems facing the consumers.


“I look at what is going on in the Bitcoin world and I don’t view it as competitive to what Ripple is doing,”

“ I look at what’s going on in the Ethereum community and I don’t see it as competitive to what XRP community is doing”

According to him, as the market cap in the crypto space grows, he would want to see the market grow for everybody. Instead of crypto in house fights, Garlinghouse proposes that the crypto industry should, however, concentrate on solving customer problems.

Following, Garlinghouse enunciated on Ripple raising money through IPO and the $10 billion evaluation. To his response, Garlinghouse said that it is expected that every time new investors come in, there is some sort of intimidation by the set expectations. He instead argued that crypto companies should focus on a strong and flexible balance sheet.

On the matter regarding IPO, Garlinghouse defended his earlier sentiments by saying he was misquoted. Instead, he said that 2020 will be the year most blockchain and cryptos will go public through IPOs. He added that Ripple will not be the first neither will it be the last to do so.

He noted that as other crypto companies lay off its employees, Ripple has been expanding its community due to its nature of a flexible balance sheet. Laying a strong foundation for the company by solving consumer problems is the number one priority to keep it afloat in the future.