Moon on Margin: Profit From Bitcoin’s New Bull Market with PrimeXBT


All signs point to Bitcoin entering the early phase of what will ultimately become its greatest bull run yet, potentially reaching prices of $100,000 or higher as many analysts and growth models are predicting.

Prices are rising, and the slow, steady increase is supported by volume expansion and reduced volatility, suggesting that the growth is healthy and stable.

New Bitcoin Uptrend Is Forming, Confirmed By Technical Analysis

The market structure is setting consecutive higher lows and higher highs – the definition of an uptrend. Many technical indicators are also supporting the formation of a new bull market.

The MACD is turning upward on the highest timeframes, including the weekly and monthly. On daily timeframes, Bitcoin is above the Ichimoku cloud and the 200-day moving average.

The 100-day and the 50-day moving averages have formed a golden cross – an incredibly powerful bullish signal long-term investors use to gauge the health of an asset. 


A golden cross of the 200-day moving average and the 50-day moving average is just days away from triggering.

Say Goodbye to Crypto Winter: The Bear Market Is Finally Over

Bitcoin has also spent over two full years in long, arduous bear market. During the last 25 months, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $20,000, then corrected by over 80% to a final low of $3,100 before the cryptocurrency began a rebound.

But even after an extremely powerful parabolic advance from lows around $3,000 to as high as $14,000, Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market couldn’t escape the clutches of bearish traders who continued to short Bitcoin all the way back down to $6,400 at the most recent local low.

And while a new low isn’t completely off the table, the likelihood is a lot lower now that a higher low has been set on higher timeframes, and on the daily.

With Bitcoin setting a higher low, and new lows from here on out are likely to be bought up fast, as traders enter “buy the dip mode,” when traders look for short-term corrections to open long positions and profit exponentially from further upside.

Why Traders Long the Dip During Bull Markets

Now that Bitcoin is fully established within a new bull market, corrections will often turn into face-melting rallies in the blink of an eye. If you aren’t prepared, the rocketship will launch without you and you will miss out on the largest amount of profits possible.

Since the start of the new year alone, Bitcoin is up well over 40% in less than two months. Altcoins have grown by double that, further backing up the theory the crypto market has turned bullish once again.

How To Trade a Bull Market Using 100x Leverage Using PrimeXBT

The best way to take advantage of a bull market is with trading platforms like PrimeXBT that offer 100x leverage on Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. PrimeXBT has many advanced trading tools to bolster a trader’s chances for success, including built-in charting software, stop loss and take profit orders, and much more.

Traders can utilize the platform’s full suite of tools to watch for when short-term corrections occur, due to Bitcoin getting a little too overheated and requiring a correction.

Taking Advantage of the Platform’s Trading Tools

The most common and straightforward strategy involves waiting for Bitcoin to reach over 70 on the Relative Strength Index. When Bitcoin reaches overbought conditions on the technical analysis indicator, a correction ensues.

The Relative Strength Index is just one of the dozens of the technical analysis indicators available right within the PrimeXBT trading platform.

Savvy traders may consider shorting each top when RSI reaches overbought levels, but the real money is made when the correction reaches support and takes off on the next stop on its rally toward the moon.

Using PrimeXBT’s built-in charting software, draw trend lines where support may lie, and take a long position once Bitcoin is able to find and hold support at that level.

Set stop losses below that level, and then set a take profit order at the next level of resistance. If you’re unsure if the market is ready to reverse or not consider building a hedge position – PrimeXBT is among the few platforms that allow for both long and short positions simultaneously.

Parabolic Profits: Long Your Way to a New All-Time High

Once Bitcoin passes its all-time high, however, the sky is the limit as the asset will reenter price discovery mode, where the asset goes parabolic until a new record is set and a more severe correction occurs.

According to data, Bitcoin is poised to break its previous all-time high of $20,000 as soon as June or September, with as much as 10% probability.

After the all-time high is breached, analysts point to price predictions at targets of $100,000 or higher within the next two years.

Potential Profits From Landing a Million Dollar Trade

Back when Bitcoin was trading at $1,000 and broke its previous 2013 all-time high in 2017, not even one year later, Bitcoin rose to $20,000.

A 100x long at $1,000 closed at the top would have resulted in $1.9 million in profit using PrimeXBT, while the same spot buy of Bitcoin on an exchange like Coinbase would have only resulted in $19,000 in profit.

With Bitcoin prices potentially reaching a valuation of $100,000 or more, a 100x long from current prices or at the next daily timeframe low could result in astronomical wealth being generated from a single trade.

That’s how powerful a Bitcoin bull market is when combined with the tools offered by PrimeXBT.

At $10,000, a 100x long to a new all-time high of $100,000 would result in over $90 million USD.

Alt Season: An Opportunity To Multiply Crypto Gains Further

During what the cryptocurrency community has dubbed an alt season, altcoins vastly outperform Bitcoin by a wide margin, resulting in even stronger gains.

For example, during the first two months of the year, Bitcoin has risen over 40%. Meanwhile, Ethereum has grown by over 100%, doubling in value in less than 45 days.

This means that not only has Bitcoin risen, but traders who also longed Ethereum on the ETH/BTC pair using PrimeXBT, would have further amplified their bull market gains.

When Bitcoin is moving up or sideways, altcoins often fly, bringing traders unimaginable wealth. But it’s all dependent on catching the right wave at the right time.

In the past, cryptocurrencies like XRP have risen by as mochas 1,000% against Bitcoin, and with a new breakout in altcoins on Bitcoin trading pairs, further upside in XRP and other altcoins like Ethereum, EOS, and Litecoin offered by PrimeXBT, the opportunity to long altcoins pairs for profit has never been more lucrative.

Conclusion: Don’t Miss A Financial Opportunity of a Lifetime

During bull markets, it is said that anyone can make money. But why leave it up to luck? Instead, trade Bitcoin using 100x leverage and successfully learn to long each dip for a fast track to growing profits quickly.

By the time Bitcoin has reached its next all-time high, you could be able to retire from trading completely.