Ripple [XRP] Sentiment Analysis | When Bottom Or When Moon?

Ripple [XRP] Sentiment Analysis | When Bottom Or When Moon?

The price of XRP has maintained a level of $0.3 for a while even amid the bearish crypto market. In the last 24 hours, the market has seen a drop of  1.16% to $0.287. While the tendency for more fall still ranges in the crypto market as the top Cryptocurrencies are struggling to maintain recent gains with a renewed daily fall in price over the past 24 hours, 2019 seems to hold the great bullish move for the value of ripple.

Ripple’s Tendency For Massive Bullish Move in 2019

Every crypto enthusiast is however filled with optimism on the certainty of Cryptocurrency taking a reverse for a bullish move in 2019, after the hectic 2018 in which many hopes have been dashed.

As the year 2019 is getting closer expectations are equally on the rise on the prospects of ripple in the coming year. This has further been heightened with the recent publication of a twitter screenshot tweet,  stating that world bank plans a partnership with the second rated Cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, XRP to launch blockchain based cross-border remittance in Asia in the first quarter of 2019.

While the information cannot be claimed to be outrightly true or fake, the prospect of the fulfillment of this could skyrocket the price of XRP in 2019 if it turns a reality.

Joining the prospect of an excellent boost for ripple in 2019 is it recently confirmed partnership with travel agency Travala. The agency has integrated ripple as a payment option into its platform, making bookings now possible with the Cryptocurrency. This integration could be pivotal in affecting the price of Ripple’s XRP in 2019.

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Optimism Surrounding Ripple’s Rise

Ripple has distinguished itself in 2018 even amid the bearish market. The Cryptocurrency has been famed for wide partnership with many banks in the world, the launch of the new product as well as news of the interest of the white house in the Cryptocurrency.

White House had been interested in the Cryptocurrency as a diplomatic stance against the dominance of China in Bitcoin mining, while ripple is unminable. This has given the digital currency high preference and prospect among others.

ZyCrypto Earlier Reported that the CEO of Ripple’s Competitor Swift is stepping down after seven years with the fintech firm, comments from the community cites a possible Ripple pressure is hitting hard on SWIFT.

Meanwhile,  all these factors have given the digital currency a high tendency for the bullish move and possibly to surpass Bitcoin as its fans are projecting. However,  the expected bullish trend in 2019 is subjected to the market structure, more use cases, and institutional adoption.