His Grandma Gave Him $1k For School And He Became The Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire

His Grandma Gave Him $1k For School And He Became The Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire

There have always been some very interesting and inspiring stories about people who made it in life at an early age, and the crypto industry has turned around people’s lives faster than any other industry in history. Those who have heard about the Winklevoss brothers know that those guys became billionaires for investing in Bitcoin early enough. However, it’s the story of a very young guy known as Erik that really stands out.

$1,000 For College

It all started way back when Erik Finman was just 12 years of age. He was about to go to college, so his grandmother gifted him a nice $1,000 to spend there. However, being as shrewd and sharp-minded as he was, Erik decided to invest the money instead. He bought Bitcoins at a cost of $12 per coin. That was in 2011, just about a couple years after Bitcoin was created.

His Grandma Gave Him $1k For School And He Became The Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire

Come 2013, and Erik’s $1,000 investment was now valued at a cool $100,000. By then, he was just 15. Erik had told his parent that if he ever managed to earn his first million before he turned 18, he would ditch school and go into business.

That’s exactly what the young guy did after the crypto boom of 2017 that rocketed his investment to the moon. At $20k a piece and with 400 Bitcoins in his wallet, Erik was now worth an eye-popping $8 million – all that from an initial investment of $1,000.


Today’s School Isn’t Cool

In his opinion, Erik believes that attending school today doesn’t really help people. He believes that a person can actually learn way more on the internet than in school. He claims to have learned much of his business skills by writing lots of emails to important people instead of scribbling essays at school.

Erik started an online platform for young people to find good tutors. He later sold the business for 300 BTC. Asked why he preferred the 300 coins to the cash amount of $100,000 offered, he said that he looked at it as an investment. Judging from the subsequent returns, it sure was a good investment.


Erik is now the manager for his cryptos as well as those held by his family. He travels wide and classy, especially to Dubai, and he eats at popular lounges and restaurants like In-N-Out Burger and Polo Lounge.

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