Ripple Appearance at Money 20/20 USA Aimed to Improve Revolutionary Technology

Ripple Appearance at Money 20/20 USA Aimed to Improve Revolutionary Technology

Ripple is set to attend the Money 20/20 USA conference which was scheduled to hold from October 21- 24th, 2018, all the top executives would be in attendance. This conference is aimed to improve the user experience in global payments methods using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
It is a four-day program which will showcase 3,500 companies and 400 startups.
Ripple executives David Schwartz and Kahina Van Dyke will be in attendance; Schwartz is scheduled for an “Oxford-style debate,” where he would talk about the benefits and solutions of the blockchain technology to the global payment system.
This debate which is scheduled for the morning would be moderated by Tony Hayes. The platform will be shared with Esther Pigg the SVP of product safety at FIS payments, who would speak on the legacy payment infrastructure already in place.
The afternoon Monday program would be attended by Kahina Van Dyke, who will be the main speaker, she will have the opportunity to showcase her experience in banking and technology industry. And a deep understanding of the fundamentals of negotiation as it applies to leadership ideas.
In the final panelist section, on Tuesday, which is especially for the impact of blockchain on cross-border payments platforms; Brendan Miller, Forrester’s principal analyst, would be the moderator while Asheesh Birla will be the panelist.
In an effort to improve revolutionary technology, Miller will promote Ripple products. Emphasis would be on how they have positively impacted the cross-border payment systems and how they can be incorporated into the present market.
The cryptocurrency world is infested with a lot of fraudulent activities geared toward getting rich quick. So many investors fall prey to all these nefarious platforms, there is a need for a protected and improved payment system.
Money 20/20 USA conference seems to be addressing this issue because it was scheduled to provide a platform; where stakeholders can discuss the possible improvement on the blockchain technology and current market need of cross-border e-commerce payments.
Ripple has concentrated its effort on how money can be moved faster and cheaper across borders developing enabling financial tools using blockchain technology. This effort seems to fall in line with what Money 20/20 represents, Ripple team have been given full recognition and ample opportunity to showcase their innovations to the world.
Ripple chief Chris Larsen will also take part in an open fireside chat on Wednesday, moderated by Arjin Shuttle, managing partner and founder of Core Innovation Capital. This chat would be centered on the importance of digital asset on the global economy.