Price Watch: Ripple’s XRP Set To Stage A Major Breakout to $0.5

XRP Price Prediction: Why Most Crypto Analysts Are Optimistic About XRP In 2019

XRP is currently making waves in the crypto space, and people are talking. Word in the crypto streets is that XRP is heading for the highs. In fact, even some popular analysts are throwing in some words to that effect.

According to a Twitter user, Ryan, who also seems to double down as a crypto-analyst, XRP could make a huge leap forward if it manages to break the $0.45 resistance to set eyes on the $0.5 target. According to another user responding to Ryan’s tweet, XRP has already broken the 5,000 Sats (Bitcoin Satoshis) resistance, making the crypto look even much better set for a possible bull run. Another user entertained the possibility of XRP hitting the $0.65 mark.

Weiss Ratings

Ryan isn’t the only crypto fan tweeting about XRP. Weiss Ratings, a popular company that rates cryptos, mutual funds, ETFs, Financial institutions, and stocks, Says XRP’s signaled breakout on May 14 could mean more than meets the eye. According to Weiss, the major crypto will have enough momentum to mount a serious price jump if it can manage to break through the $0.48 mark.

Weiss shared its opinion via a tweet, to which one of its Twitter followers responded saying that the Asian market is influencing the XRP market and might be preparing for a serious pumping to start in a few hours. Whether that notion is credible is still debatable.

Altcoin Season?

Weiss Ratings went on to opine that this is the altcoin season. As a matter of fact, there has been a lot of talk regarding the current market trend. For one, Bitcoin doesn’t seem to have much sway on some cryptos as it used to, and that has led some people to believe that altcoins may be finally decoupling from Bitcoin’s influence.


At the time of this writing, XRP trades at around $0.458 with $19.3 billion in total market cap and a 24-hour volume clocking $2.8 billion. Indeed, this current price is an upward improvement. We can only wait and see what happens next.