Opera’s preventive product against mining scam


Websites have a very limited source of earning, especially the one having no contribution in any kind of businesses and are news , articles or blogging site.
One of the most preferred option to monetize the site are displaying ads.
Advertisements are one of the most economical source of income for any company or business. Even it is been claimed that one of the most popular Internet company Google LLC earn huge part of its income from advertising product called Google Adwords. And this could be true as most of Google’s product are free from cost.
Google Adwords brings advertisements to company while Google Adsense and Google Admob are used to display those ads at various platforms.
But now it looks like many websites are play some tricky scam to get a overwhelming income instead of the traditional advertising method.
Exploring the Tricky Scam
When you visit a website, one which was usually filled with annoying ads and suddenly looks very clean and attractive, free from ads. And then you move your cursor towards task manager and you see your cpu usage is touching its limit.
“Wooh what’s that? What creepy things are happening with my system.”
Well this could be your reaction if you would have visited pirate bay torrent site last year.This things would sound very creepy but it’s a very intelligent scam.
As per the cases reported last year. Many online site were using cpu miner software in their website.
These software uses CPU power also called as CPU hash power of all the users visiting the website. So unintentionally you would be paying a fee in the form of CPU power to use their website. Even if they address their site as free of cost.
Coinhive, a browser mining software is considered to be the first of its kind. As per the official site, it can be integrated to any website / Business site easily.
Preventive products that will safeguard from being scammed
Such software won’t harm you much financially but they can be annoying at some point. Well on other side they are definitely tends to be harmful for system in a long run.
Thus to prevent from such sites, Opera browser recently launched a cryptocurrency miner protection. This new feature will be available on Opera mini, Opera for Android and it’s a part of native ad-blocker functionality. Desktop version of opera were already been offered with this feature.
According to press release

“The new anti-cryptocurrency mining feature is activated by default when you enable the ad blocker on Opera Mini (iOS and Android) or Opera for Android. The ad blocker can be enabled by going to ‘settings’, and it will automatically detect and stop the mining scripts written into the code of a webpage.”

I also came across a similar feature offering extension called No coin. Its Github repository shows all the information about it. And it can be used as an extension of various browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and in Opera as well.
What’s your say on website owners mining coins secretly on visitors browsers, Let us know below in the comment section.