Medium Joins the League of Social Media Platforms Censoring Crypto-related Content

Medium Joins the League of Social Media Platforms Censoring Crypto-related Content

Since the beginning of 2018, the entire cryptosphere has been hit with quite many challenges from regulators all over the globe.
Recently, social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and others banned crypto-related adverts and initial coin offerings (ICOs) on their platforms.

“Facebook has banned all advertising for cryptocurrencies because they are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices. We want people to continue to discover and learn about new products and services through Facebook ads without fear of scams or deception. That said, there are many companies who are advertising binary options,ICOs and cryptocurrencies that are not currently operating in good faith,” said Product Management Director at Facebook, Rob Leathern at the time.

According to reports, Medium has also started suspending the accounts of crypto projects on its platform without any cogent reason.
The Medium blog is one of the social media platforms that ICO projects and other bitcoin-related businesses use in communicating with their community members, publishing details of their airdrop, Crowdsale, bug bounties and more.
Notably, on June 15, 2018, Status, the Ethereum-based messaging project stated in a post titled “Status, Medium, and Censorship,” that Medium had suspended its post aimed at notifying investors about its Bug Bounty Program. An excerpt from the write up reads:

“Medium is currently one of the primary communication channels of the cryptosphere. Blockchain-based visionaries, both affiliated with projects and independent free-thinking technologists, have all made Medium a critical part of how they communicate. Recently, we attempted to publish a blog post announcing our latest Bug Bounty program. The post was immediately suspended, followed by an automated email noting a general violation, without detailing any specifics, and a link to Medium’s recently updated policy regarding cryptocurrencies.”

The Status team also edited their post severally, removing the words ‘ETH’ bounty and ‘SNT’ from it, yet the notice couldn’t get published on Medium.

“Though we had not violated any of these policies, we re-submitted several revisions that carefully edited out any potential trigger words, like “bounty,” “ETH,” and “SNT.” The post was never successfully published,” status lamented.

Of a truth, Medium has made it clear in its terms of service that it reserves every right to delete any post that may go against its policies; the platform, however, did not explicitly forbid the posting of crypto-related content on its blog.

“We worry that the seemingly arbitrary decision to suspend our blog is a sign of a troubling trend. We’re concerned about the creeping censorship around cryptocurrencies. We want our society to be freer for everyone,” the Status team declared.