Max Keiser Believes Bitcoin Price At $50,000 Will Trigger Gold Bug Peter Schiff to Panic-Buy

It’s “Not Insane At All”, Says Adamant Capital Partner Tuur Demeester On Bitcoin Going To $50,000

Popular reporter and Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser is predicting that some of the cryptocurrency’s most vocal critics will soon flip over and become some of crypto’s biggest pioneers. A very vocal Keiser in his usual fashion took to Twitter on the 26th of June explaining strongly that many of Bitcoin’s popular naysayers “represent a huge pent-up Bitcoin buying demand”. 

The Bitcoin advocate particularly listed three of Bitcoin’s biggest pessimists; billionaire investor Mark Cuban, James Rogers, and popular gold advocate Peter Schiff, saying that all three, amongst many others, will soon take the front seat and become some of Bitcoin’s topmost pioneers. Keiser firmly guarantees that their conversion will come to reality once they fully comprehend the structure of the cryptocurrency and they will in turn proceed to buy cryptocurrencies in large amounts.

In a preceding tweet specifically directed at Peter Schiff, Keiser warns that while Schiff remains reluctant to go all in on Bitcoin, the sentimental buying of Cryptocurrency is continuously increasing. However, Keiser believes that once Bitcoin gathers enough momentum to trade at the $50,000 mark, the top gold proponent will then fully buy in. 

However, it would seem like the majority of Keiser’s followers think otherwise. In the poll conducted below, 20% of the participants agreed that a $50,000 trading price could trigger Schiff to opt-in, while the majority, currently 30% at press time believes that it will only take $25,000 to get Schiff to convert. Although a lot of the comments seem to believe that Schiff already owns a substantial amount of Bitcoin, he is yet to affirm that he owns any digital currency.

Whether or not Schiff will buy into cryptocurrency, the general public will have to wait to find out. Until then, the gold bug has remained glued to the path of preaching the gospel of gold as a better performing asset than Bitcoin, despite Bitcoin outperforming gold by more than 100% since the year began.


Still, Schiff in his usual fashion has ignored many of Bitcoin’s record breaking achievements to brand it as a lesser rival against gold.

As of June 23rd, Bitcoin beat crude oil, gold and five other assets to become the best performing asset with an increase of 34%, despite struggling with massive volatility.