Australians Can Now Buy Bitcoin at Over 3,500 Post Office Shops

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Australia Post, the country’s postal service is now allowing its customers to buy Bitcoin. Australia Post will accept cash and card payments. The new service is being aided by Australian exchange, Australia Post will now provide crypto services at 3500 locations across the country. Users will be able to purchase other cryptocurrencies as well and use the company’s Billpay feature all with BTC and other digital assets.

Susan Nicholson, AusPost’s head of business and government financial services explained that the move to include cryptocurrency programs was about inclusion. 

“Australia Post has for a long time played an important role in the community to make services accessible to all.” 

Australians trust the institution and now AusPost can help to make paying bills and doing business more transparent with the use of cryptocurrencies. 

“Post Billpay has been one of Australia’s most trusted bill payment methods for over 20 years, and we’re pleased to now provide the ability for bitcoin bills to be paid at a post office, which will come with a product enhancement that offers ID verification and real-time bill payment confirmation back to the biller.”

The CEO of, Holger Arians, thinks a trusted organization like AusPost will bring many new users to the cryptocurrency world. Those on the outside looking in with curiosity are more likely to jump on board when a familiar and trustworthy organization is paving the way.

“Our mission is to make bitcoin safe and easy for every Australian. For many people, paying for bitcoin at an Australia Post office feels safer than transferring funds online – particularly for first-time buyers.”

This is not AusPost’s only foray into the blockchain industry. The organization is also involved in providing Australians with digital IDs. They are proud of their building digital capabilities and are always striving to provide secure and useful services.


Australia Post’s identity products and services general manager Regis Bauchiere declared privacy and the user’s ease of mind as top priorities. Baucheire said the ID program “demonstrates Australia Post’s commitment to privacy and security, and gives consumers and businesses added confidence when using Digital ID for their identity transactions.”

The amount of physical places to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is on a steady rise around the world. It’s important that new and helpful technologies like Bitcoin are being introduced to people in a tangible way. Potential users who may have been tentative about the use of cryptocurrencies to send and receive funds can now be eased in by a trusted organization.