Blockchain Platform ARK Launches MarketSquare: a New Homepage for Decentralized Web

Blockchain Platform ARK Launches MarketSpace: a New Homepage for Decentralized Web

ARK today announced the launch of MarketSquare, which it refers to as the new homepage for the decentralized web. This is to make blockchain technology more readily available to the different categories of users including developers.

MarketSquare provides a one-for-all environment that allows users to learn and interact with blockchain projects and applications. According to the release announcement, the following are some of the objectives of creating MarketSquare.

On MarketSquare, we make it easy to discover businesses, blockchains, applications and delegates. By searching through different categories using our robust search function and following your favorite projects, it has never been easier to learn about, interact with and follow projects within the blockchain industry.”

ARK is an open-source platform that empowers everyone within the blockchain space to take advantage of the technology for business or other uses regardless of their experience. It is particularly a hub for blockchain developers that makes it easier for them to build and deploy blockchains and build blockchain-related products.

MarketSquare is just one of the products ARK intends to roll out as the year progresses. Although it has only gone through three rounds of closed alpha testing, the product will be open to all users by Q4 2020 as it has gotten very positive responses from alpha testers so far. several improvements have been made based on these responses and the team is confident that the finished product will be impressive for users. Key features of MarketSpace include social and developer-focused features as well as Social messaging and a developer bounty system.