Market Watch: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, And TRON (TRX) Sees Sudden Price Jump

Market Watch: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, And TRON (TRX) Sees Sudden Price Jump

In what can be called an unexpected price hike ,pump or Manipulation ? bitcoin has climbed over 10% in price in less than 24 hours, towards the end of yesterday 15th October 2018 bitcoin was at then $6,300 range now it’s at the $7000 range currently dangling in the $6900+ region and still showing bullish signs.
This has also been attributed to the bitfinex Tether Implosion, Tether USDT which is supposed to be equivalent to $1, dropped down to $0.94 and caused a panic sell as traders are selling and converting to BTC which is leading to the price spike,  Bitcoin Trading volume has currently increased from $3 billion to $4.8 billion.

Ethereum ETH

Ethereum ETH is Currently at the $218 region after seeing its low of the year a few days ago at the $194 region amidst the stock crash which also drastically dragged the market down to a 52 week low.

Ripple XRP

XRP is Currently the biggest gainer amongst top 3 as it spiked over 11% at the time of writing with a market capitalization of $18,283,633,259.

Amidst the Bearish sell-off that happened a few days ago, XRP happened to be the most quick to withstand the bearish wave and quickly came back in the green while others were in red.
Recent surveys have been carried out in less than 3 days with XRP Emerging winner in both, First was the Weiss Ratings survey, which asked “best cryptocurrency to buy under $1” and also the second from wirex which asked
“Our runner @maxmeilleur can only use crypto to get from NYC – Vegas.
Which #crypto should his first purchase be in? #BTC # LTC #XRP #ETH #cryptocommunity #cryptotwitter.”
This is also coming a few days ago ZyCrypto reported that XRP’s performance is currently outgrowing Ethereum, searches for Ripple is growing much more than that of Ethereum, and the community has also seen XRP Dethrone Ethereum twice in less than a week for the second spot in market capitalization.

Tron TRX

One of the most talked about cryptocurrency in the crypto sphere, TRX, Also gained Over 4% with a market capitalization of $1,655,441,636 , Tron has continued to improve and is one of the fastest new cryptocurrency to quickly enter the top 20, Tron Price is Currently at $0.025 at the time of writing.

Its founder Justin Sun has been keeping the community on a cliffhanger on what he described as ‘Tron’s next big partnership’, Speculations and Rumours have been flowing in out with most saying the unmentioned ‘Industry Giant’ might be the Google Of China, Baidu, Sun is yet to disclose this partnership but this recent announcement he made on twitter has caused FOMO which has kept Tron’s price in the Bull back for now.