Ripple (XRP), The Better Choice For Conducting Transactions – Wirex Survey Reveals


A recent Wirex survey has shown that there is an increasing interest in Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency. The survey revealed through a tweet via Twitter reveals that 73% of participants are interested in using XRP, 15% interested in bitcoin, 9% prefer Litecoin, while 2% is interested in Ethereum’s ETH.

Increasing Interest in Ripple’s XRP Cryptocurrency

A Twitter survey conducted by Wirex, a zero-fee platform for buying, storing, and exchanging cryptos and fiat currency reveals that the majority of its community/users prefers to use Ripple XRP for purchasing common items. The Wirex platform has a total user of 1.8 million.
The poll conducted states;
“We have a remarkable community in #TeamCrypto & we want your input every step of the way for the
Our runner @maxmeilleur can only use crypto to get from NYC – Vegas.
Which #crypto should his first purchase be in? #BTC # LTC #XRP #ETH #cryptocommunity #cryptotwitter.”

Though there are still three days left to go for the polls to end, the result thus far shows that Ripple’s XRP is in a clear lead. Users on the platform seem to prefer the XRP for micropayments than the use of other cryptocurrencies with a greater margin of 73%. This clearly states the love the community has for XRP.
Secondly, the Bitcoin, which is the top value cryptocurrency until now has a 15% of the community voting for it. The top value cryptocurrency has mostly been used as a store of value, which it is more prominent.
Other cryptocurrencies in the survey include Litecoin with 9% and Ethereum with 2%. Ethereum is actually not created to serve as a medium of exchange but was created to facilitate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain which permits developers to create smart contracts and issue their ERC-20 tokens.
Three days ago, a similar survey was conducted by Weiss Ratings, the leading provider of independent, unbiased, and trusted ratings of stocks and cryptocurrency, its survey which was on “best cryptocurrency to buy under $1” emerged XRP victorious which had 64% followed by Cardano with 25% vote.

Ripple’s Recent Growth

Ripple has seen recent growth due to its wide partnership with over 120 financial institutions of the world as the blockchain solution seek to become the largest shareholder in the world remittance market.
The recently launched product, xRapid that uses Ripple’s XRP as a bridge for conducting real-time settlement has further boosted the image and interest of financial institutions in the cryptocurrency.