How Big Could Tron Go If China’s Giant IT Firm Baidu is Confirmed As Its Partner ?


A few hours ago, Tron’s Justin Sun said something that has since robbed many crypto analysts and market enthusiasts their good sleep. Justin announced that Tron will soon be partnering with one of the world’s largest entities by revenue –he termed the figure as “tens of billions of dollars.”
Since then, everyone has been struggling to at least throw a wild guess as which of the world’s most prominent companies Tron might be eying. To bring that to a boil, a crypto site has claimed to have received some very privy information about Tron’s choice of a partner, and it’s none of what you might be thinking.

The Google Of China

Apparently, as reported by on their Twitter handle, the company in question is the China-based IT firm called Baidu. Baidu is a rich company – just as Justin Sun said. The IT firm is China’s largest search engine by market share. It serves close to 70% of the Chinese population.
Given that China currently has more than 750 million internet users, it’s pretty easy to see why Baidu must be a force to reckon with even in the international arena. Alibaba’s Shenma comes second with just about 14% of the market share. That effectively makes Baidu the “Google of China.”
Baidu’s services include providing maps, videos, and images to internet users under its wing. The company has also invested in AI (Artificial Intelligence), even going ahead to invest in building self-driving cars. In 2017, a Thomson Reuters study rated Baidu as among the World’s top internet companies, putting it before Netflix and eBay in terms of revenue generated.

Possible TRX Breakout?

Tron leads Recovery from Bearish Market, Predicted to See Massive Gains by End of 2018
The news that Tron and Baidu are teaming up could be the best news crypto investors have received since the market went on a downward spiral late last week. As a leading tech company, Baidu enjoys a majority market share as the ultimate Search Engine in China, meaning that the massive user-base would be transferred to Tron as a potential customer and investor base. In the world of cryptos, nothing is more important than a strong base of audience.
With that in mind, it’s clear that this partnership alone could very well push up TRX’s value and possibly cause a TRX bull run. But the crypto world is a tricky space. We can only wait and see.