Lykke Exchange Adds Bitcoin Gold (BTG) To Its Platform

Lykke Exchange Adds Bitcoin Gold (BTG) To Its Platform

Not minding the troubles in the market, teams are still going about their regular businesses. The Bitcoin Gold community can now be proud of a job well done as the cryptocurrency, BTG has now been added to the Lykke cryptocurrency exchange.
This was made known in an announcement which was published by Lykke Exchange official blog.
“BitcoinGold cryptocurrency (BTG) has been added to the Lykke Exchange and is now available for trading.”
“Lykke will also support the upcoming BTG hardfork. The details and the timeline will be announced later.”
The BTG coin was a hardfork of the BTC core coin which was forked at block 491407 on the 24th of October, 2017. BitcoinGold coins were shared in a ratio of 1:1 to BTC cryptocurrency holders.
This new development on the Lykke Exchange, therefore, guarantees users – those who had BTCs in their wallets at the time of the fork – an equal amount of BTG coins will be distributed to their wallets on the exchange on the 29th of June, 2018.
This happens to be great news as the community was recovering from a hack by cybercriminals. The hack was said to be one with no significant consequence though it happened to be a targetted hack on one of the team members mobile phone which was then used to change DNS settings, pointing the domain away from the original host.
Thankfully, this just happened on the domain level, denying members of the community assess to some services on the platform, but no harm was done to their servers nor the BTG blockchain. The platform has since been back online, and all operations are going on as usual.
Though it seemed like a harmless hack, it could result in community members losing their cryptocurrencies if it wasn’t detected in time. For the meantime, different projects will spend more time and resource on making their platforms secure as it has been reported that there would be a lot of hacks this year by cybercriminals who will do anything to lay their hands on cryptocurrencies of unsuspecting members of the community.