Justin Sun Reveals Tron is in Collaboration With England Based Football Club Giant Liverpool

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The CEO of the Tron network Justin Sun is known for being very vocal about the successes of Tron (TRX) no matter how little. Once again, Sun has taken to his Twitter to reveal that Tron is in collaborations with the UK based football club Liverpool. As usual, Sun took to his Twitter page to make the announcement. Speaking to his 1 million followers, he tweeted;

Underneath Sun’s tweet was an ad clip, with the Tron logo as the opening image accompanied by a slideshow of Liverpool players.

The tweet which has now garnered more than 2 thousand likes has the entire Tron community in excitement. In response to the tweet, users were quick to note that the milestone, other than making Tron the first cryptocurrency to partner with Liverpool will increase adaptation rate of both Tron (TRX) and cryptocurrency in general.

Following the announcement, a tweet from Twitter user Misha Lederman also revealed that the partnership will most certainly have the Tron logo on Liverpool’s football jersey.

The tweet read ;


“A partnership between #TRON  & Liverpool, the current leader of Premiere League, semi-finalist in Champions League & one of the most legendary clubs in England, would be beyond massive for crypto to say the least. Can already see the TRON logo on that red @LFC shirt at Anfield”

The partnership, when analyzed, is a big step for the Tron network, especially when the fact that the Football club’s possibilities of becoming a player in Champions league are considered.

In terms of sports, this is not the genesis of Tron’s involvement with sports. Earlier this year, basketball star Kobe Bryant was invited as a top speaker for the niTron summit that was held in San Francisco. It is still highly speculated that the Tron network is very likely to partner with the NBA in the future.