John Mcafee's “UN-HACKABLE” Hardware Wallet Sold Out In Just Twenty Two Minutes

John Mcafee's “UN-HACKABLE” Hardware Wallet Sold Out In Just Twenty Two Minutes

Early last month, John McAfee announced on twitter that he was launching his own cryptocurrency, regarded as the McAfee coin which will come in fiat currencies (collectible) backed by crypto.
While Crypto Fans were anticipating its release, the computer programmer now widely recognized for his strong presence as an active influencer in the cryptocurrency space as a price predictor and market analyst promoted a digital currency wallet known as Bitfi.
Tweeting to his 80,000 followers on the 22nd of June, he said ;

“Today I am announcing my ultra secure wallet, built by Bitfi. It will forever change the landscape of crypto storage. Would have told you earlier, but, if you read my prior tweets, I was unconscious. Anyway, you must check it out”.

Termed as “un-hackable”, the wallet which went on sale on 28th of June is making rounds in the market as its first batch was sold out in just 22 minutes.
The wallet is seen to be on high demand as tons of tweets from the public has them requesting a restock. While McAfee seems to have enough in stock, revealing in another tweet that the wallet will be back on sale again in less than five hours he’s also expressing his certainty that the wallet will be sold out once again.


Bitfi is a hardware wallet unique for its advanced security combination which inherently enhances privacy. While Ledger and Trezor have been the leading  hardware wallets with outstanding technology, Bitfi comes in with a change as it introduces the Knox, which is currently the newest hardware wallet in the market.
With a form factor that looks like a smartphone, Bitfi also comes with a stylish LED screen and supports multiple currencies ; this is a spectacular move that even companies like Ledger struggle to keep up with different currencies.


Unlike most cryptocurrency wallets including Ledger and Trezor where a 24 word key is required to access funds, Bitfi lets users store limitless amount of funds through an open source Bitfi algorithm that calculates the private keys via a CPU from the user’s secret phrase, which doesn’t exist longer than a second in which time the transaction is approved and untraceable anywhere else, this makes it difficult for a breach in security.